RE4 and Nintendogs win design awards

Yellow Pencils go to the horror action game and portable pet sim.


The latest installment in Capcom's cult classic zombie series, Resident Evil 4, and Nintendo's popular pet puppy game, Nintendogs, have both been awarded a prestigious "Yellow Pencil" design award at an event in the UK.

The D&AD Awards, which recognise creative excellence in areas of design and advertising, added a new gaming category this year, and the Yellow Pencil roughly corresponds to a silver award, although no Black Pencils (gold awards) were given to video games at the ceremony this year.

Two other titles were nominated in the category: Activision's World War II shooter Call of Duty 2 and Sony's action game God of War.

D&AD is a UK-based charity whose remit is to champion excellence in creativity globally. It was founded in 1962 and runs award schemes and education programmes and works with businesses to ensure that creativity is given a high priority. You can see a full list of winners here.

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