RE2 Demo Rumors

Rumors on the Internet say that the Resident Evil 2 demo that comes with Director's Cut also fell under the knife of cuts. True or false? GS News investigates.


There are some very confusing reports going around the Internet (especially on USENET) that the Resident Evil 2 Demo included with Resident Evil Director's Cut has had parts cut from the Japanese version. The fact is that nothing has changed from the Japanese demo for the US release of the disc. The only differences are that the Mega Man Neo demo is no longer present, and neither is the Breath of Fire 3 movie that appears on the Japanese disc. Subtitles were placed during the RE2 demo, but those are also gone.

If you haven't played the RE2 Demo yet, you shouldn't read the rest of this as it may spoil the demo for you.

There's a muscular monster that falls from the ceiling about halfway through the demo. A pool of blood hangs over where he drops along with the mysterious sound of dripping blood. The rumored cut is that a head was supposed to fall down along with the monster - the head of the deceased victim that is lying on the floor of the hallway before you reach the bloody pool. This is not present in the Japanese demo disc, and in fact isn't a cut at all, it's just a very nasty rumor that has been mixed into reports of REDC being edited.

Capcom assured GS News that Resident Evil 2 will remain uncut between the Japanese and US versions. In fact, a Capcom spokesperson told GS News that the company was going for broke with RE2 and that all gore would remain intact for the US version.

Another rumor currently being spread is that Capcom announced that it will be issuing a replacement CD with the unedited scenes. That too is unconfirmed even by the Capcom Customer Service line which we placed a call to this afternoon.

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