RE: Code Veronica from Sega?

Resident Evil for the Dreamcast isn't being developed by Capcom. It's being developed by Sega.


GameSpot News has learned that Capcom is not developing Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Instead, Sega of Japan is developing the title in house. Members of Capcom, such as Yoshiki Okamoto, are overseeing the project.

It's currently unknown as to why Capcom is allowing its most coveted series to be handled by Sega, but the reason could lie in the fact that Capcom's teams have their hands full with other projects. The Sega team handling the development is also unknown, but it could contain members of the Deep Fear staff.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica is currently slated for release this November in Japan. Capcom has stated that a US version will follow shortly thereafter.

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