Raze's Hell, Soccer Slam coming to Xbox Originals

Artech Studios' politically minded action game and Sega's three-on-three arcade footie fest to join array of downloadable games for Xbox 360.


While Nintendo makes sure an extra game or two is added to its Virtual Console every week, the flow of downloadable retro games from Sony and Microsoft has been considerably slower. That will pick up slightly next week, as Microsoft today announced two more games set to be added to its lineup of downloadable original Xbox games for the Xbox 360. Starting Monday, gamers will be able to pick up Raze's Hell and Sega Soccer Slam from the Xbox Live Marketplace for 1,200 Microsoft points ($15) each.

Originally released in April of 2005, Raze's Hell was a third-person action-adventure game with a couple twists. Players take control of the monstrous Raze, whose race of unattractive creatures has been overrun by the exceedingly adorable Kewletts. In attempt to free his people, Raze must slaughter hordes of the cute-but-oppressive puffballs.

Beyond the violence against these Care Bears cousins, the game also contains biting satire regarding the US war in Iraq. The Kewlett forces in the game are waging a "shock and awe" campaign to bring freedom to Raze's race, though the game makes it clear their definition of "freedom" includes genocide.

As for 2002's Sega Soccer Slam, the arcade-style three-on-three soccer game featured a selection of colorful teams from around the world, filled with over-the-top shots, aggressive tackles, and goofy characters. The game was developed by Black Box, which drew heavily from its experience the year before creating another over-the-top three-on-three sports game, NHL Hitz 20-02.

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