Razer unveils Xbox 360 arcade stick

Peripheral manufacturer introduces mod-friendly stick aimed at competitive fighting game fans, puts call out for beta testers to put prototype versions through their paces.


The Tokyo Game Show typically serves as an opportunity for Japanese companies to roll out their latest gaming hardware and software, but California-based peripheral maker Razer today used the show to unveil plans for its new Xbox 360 arcade stick.

Razer's mock-up of its unnamed Xbox 360 arcade stick.
Razer's mock-up of its unnamed Xbox 360 arcade stick.

Razer didn't reveal an official name or price for the stick, but it did release a few mock-ups of the stick in its current prototype form. However, before everything is finalized, Razer is picking roughly 200 pro gamers, modders, and "members of the arcade enthusiast community" to receive prototype versions of the stick and have their feedback considered before the design is nailed down for production. Interested gamers can sign up for the beta program--or suggest someone else whose feedback would be helpful--at Razer's official website.

The high-end arcade stick market in the US has flourished since 2009, when the launch of Capcom's Street Fighter IV prompted Mad Catz to release a $150 FightStick to compete with Japanese stick maker Hori's Real Arcade Pro offerings. Since then, Mad Catz has produced versions of its sticks for fighters like Super Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and the upcoming Street Fighter x Tekken. Meanwhile PDP has released a Mortal Kombat arcade stick that sells for $130 on its own but was also packed in with the $150 Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition bundle.

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