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Razer Unveils Smart N95 Face Mask With RGB Lighting And Voice Amplification

Razer's Project Hazel concept is a smart N95 mask designed for everyday use, with features like sanitization and filtration coupled with RGB lighting and voice amp technology.


Razer has unveiled a concept designed with the current state of the world in mind--a new smart mask known as Project Hazel. The specialized N95 mask debuted at CES 2021 and is designed to keep people safe during the pandemic and sociable in a world where social distancing has become the norm.

The Project Hazel smart mask has surgical N95 respirators that use rechargeable active ventilators and replaceable Smart Pod filters. Razer says the "high bacterial filtration efficiency Smart Pods filter at least 95% of airborne particles." Additionally, each mask comes with a wireless charging case to replenish the ventilators' battery life. This case also features a UV sterilizer to ensure the cleanliness of the mask.

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As for actually wearing the mask, Project Hazel is made of scratch-resistant and waterproof plastic. It boasts adjustable ear loops, custom sizes, and an air-tight seal with active cooling to allow for a smooth air flow and the disposal of carbon dioxide. The transparent design allows other people to see the wearer's mouth to help with social situations and those who require lip reading to communicate. The mask has a low-light mode that activates lights in the dark and a built-in microphone to amplify the wearer's voice for better communication.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Razer product without Chroma RGB lighting, and Project Hazel has exactly that. The RGB lighting can be found on a ring light around the ventilators and customized with over 16 million colours.

If you're hoping to buy Project Hazel for yourself, you may have to wait quite a while. Razer doesn't currently have plans to sell this, though the company notes that it will continue to optimize Project Hazel by putting it through "rigorous testing and user feedback to ensure safety compliance and maximum comfort and usability." It's unclear when Project Hazel will be available to the public, but for now, you can learn more at Razer.

Razer also revealed new Blade laptop models at CES 2021, as well as a concept for a new immersive gaming chair with a 60-inch surround OLED display.

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