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Razer Launches New Gaming Mice, Wireless Cobra Pro And Budget-Friendly Cobra

The Razer Cobra Pro goes for $130 USD and comes with RGB underglow, customization, and performance-level wireless capability. The Cobra is the wired version for $40 USD.


Gaming peripheral company Razer has launched a new line of gaming mice with the Cobra Pro, a premium-style wireless mouse, and the Cobra, a more basic wired version that uses the same overall design. They're now available on the Razer Store and on Amazon and retail for $130 USD and $40 USD, respectively.

The Cobra now sits alongside Razer's already-wide roster of gaming mice such as the Deathadder, Viper, and Basilisk. However, this new mouse is intended to cover different preferences that the lineup didn't already offer while including the high-end features of its other top-of-the-line mice. When it comes to grip-type and shape--Cobra mice have a symmetrical design intended for a fingertip or claw grip. You can check out the details on the Razer Cobra Pro and Cobra below.

Razer Cobra Pro (Wireless) Details

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The Razer Cobra Pro is on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to gaming mice. It sits at an MSRP of $130 USD, but comes a ton of fancy features. It uses Razer's HyperSpeed wireless tech for the lowest latency possible (through 2.4 GHz connectivity)--the mouse can also be used via Bluetooth or wired through a USB-C cable. The Cobra Pro has Chroma RGB lighting and is designed to give the mouse an underglow around the base as well as the logo and scroll wheel, which can be customized in the Razer Synapse software.

When it comes to functionality, the Cobra Pro uses the company's own Focus Pro 30K optical sensor for accurate tracking. Normally, the mouse has the standard 1000 Hz polling rate, and if you get the Hyperpolling wireless dongle (for an extra $15), it's capable of a 4000 Hz polling rate. You also get 10 programmable inputs (including two side buttons) in total and five customization profiles you can save onboard the mouse.

As far as battery life goes, Razer states that the Cobra Pro can last up to 100 hours when using the 2.4 GHz connection or up to 170 hours via Bluetooth. The Cobra Pro can be charged wirelessly with Razer's own wireless charging dock or the Mouse Dock Pro, both of which are sold separately. It's relatively lightweight for a wireless mouse as well, coming in at just 77 grams / 2.72 oz.

Razer Cobra (Wired) Details

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The standard Razer Cobra is a wired USB mouse that sports the same design but comes with fewer features. However, it's much more affordable at just $40 USD. There are other key differences, though. It has eight programmable inputs and uses a more standard 8500 DPI optical sensor, and since it is a wired mouse, it "only" has a 1000 Hz polling rate (which is standard for most high-performance gaming mice). The RGB lighting is trimmed a little bit with the underglow only going around the palm area of the mouse. Since it does not carry a battery, the wired Cobra only weighs 58 grams / 2.04 oz (not including the cable).

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