Razer Game Booster software in open beta stage

The program temporarily shuts down unnecessary applications and offers calibration options.


League of Legends

Razer has announced that its Razer Game Booster application is now available for the public in an open beta state.

Get into the zone with Razer's Game Booster app.
Get into the zone with Razer's Game Booster app.

The program allows gamers to temporarily shut down unnecessary applications, so that their computer resources can focus on just running games. The Razer Game Booster also offers simple options to tweak and defrag a user's computer, as well as update old drivers. In addition, it allows users to create tutorials and record real-time audio and video as well as capture screenshots.

The software's predecessor, the IObit Game Booster, was given a five-star rating by CNET and has been downloaded 1,463,120 times.

Gamers can download the Razer Game Booster app on this link and also on Razer's official page.

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