Razer considering subscription model for modular PC Project Christine

New business model would allow you to keep your PC up-to-date with minimal effort.


Razer made a surprise announcement this week at CES 2014 when it revealed the incredibly modular Project Christine PC, but the company is considering shaking things up even further with its latest idea. CEO Min-Liang Tan told GameSpot this week that the company is thinking about offering a subscription model for the PC, which would allow you to always keep your rig up-to-date with minimal effort.

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"Because of the modular nature of this PC, one thing that we could potentially even do is to put this on a subscription model," he said.

Tan explained that a person could sign up for a "top of the line" package that would allow them to receive new components when they come out. These components would be delivered to your door, while you'd be responsible for sending your old modules back to Razer. This package would be offered as a monthly subscription.

"So instead of having to pay thousands of dollars in a single shot, there could be a standard subscription fee and you could have always, at any point of time, the best possible PC," Tan said.

You wouldn't have to worry about compatibility issues, either, as subscription packages would include components tailored specifically for your system. Project Christine itself is only a prototype at the moment, so Razer is not talking about pricing details for the system or potential subscription packages just yet.

Razer announced Project Christine at CES 2014 yesterday. It was designed as a means to allow all users to build and customize a gaming PC, regardless of their previous technical knowledge. The system allows you to install modules whenever they want--including CPUs, GPUs, or memory and storage. Project Christine also features PCI-Express architecture to automatically sync components and can run multiple operating systems.

Razer also announced a new fitness band/smartwatch hybrid called Nabu during CES.

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