Razer Announces A Desk/PC Hybrid, Project Sophia, At CES 2022

The haptics-equipped Enki Pro HyperSense chair was also unveiled at CES 2022.


I have a desk. I have a PC. I have a combination desk PC. That's what Razer wants to create with its new hybrid creation, currently known as Project Sophia. Announced during CES 2022, Project Sophia is a modular system designed to function as both a workstation and a gaming rig, letting you quickly reconfigure it to fit your needs without taking up excessive space. And a separate haptics-equipped gaming chair is the icing on the cake.

Project Sophia will not include a traditional PC tower, instead fitting a custom PCB directly onto the desk--an Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU are included and housed in a magnetic chassis that can snap underneath the tabletop, and it's upgradable so you'll be able to keep the form factor for a long time. It also includes modules for adding things like touchscreens, wireless charging, and even a cup warmer.

Low-profile design for ease of use
Low-profile design for ease of use

To go (or not go) with the Project Sophia system is the newly announced Enki Pro HyperSense chair. Based on the existing Enki Pro design, the new chair uses D-BOX haptic feedback that includes native support for more than 2,200 games. Several streaming platforms are also supported, and that are 65,000 different haptic variations to give you a unique experience with everything you try.

Project Sophia will be available in either 65-inch or 77-inch versions, while the Enki Pro HyperSense includes a 22-inch seat. No release date or price has been announced for either product yet, but with the standard Razer Enki already costing $400 and the Enki Pro costing $1000, you can expect the HyperSense to be quite a bit more.

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