Razer adds $10,000 to Killer Instinct's prizepool at EVO 2014

Iron Galaxies fighting game received a major contribution to its pot at EVO 2014, as Razer contributes a hefty sum.


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Thanks to @Razer for adding $10,000 to the pot for Killer Instinct at Evo!

— Joey Cuellar (@EvilMrWizard) June 25, 2014

Along with a recent massive contribtion to BlazBlu's pot from the game's developer Arc System Works Aksys Games of $33,000, KI became the recent benefactor of a substansial amount of money as Razer haa decided to send $10,000 towards the Xbox One exclusive title.

Having been featured at all of the major fighting game tournaments throughout the year, including last weekend's MLG Anaheim, it will now be providing one of the largest winnings available at EVO 2014.

Image Credit: Iron Galaxy Games

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