'Rayman 3D' spotted on Australian ratings board

Listing from Down Under points to new title in classic platformer series with 3D visuals.


The Australian government's online classification website has been a source of many premature reveals of games. The latest appears to be Rayman 3D, which was classified as PG for mild violence by the site yesterday. No other information about the game was made available other than that it would be published by Ubisoft, owner of the Rayman intellectual property.

Could Rayman be making a 3D comeback?
Could Rayman be making a 3D comeback?

With Ubisoft not commenting on the listing as of press time, what exactly Rayman 3D could be is unclear. One likely possibility is an as-yet-unannounced 3DS title to feature the legless protagonist, who will star in the forthcoming downloadable PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game Rayman Origins. Another is a possible 3D-enabled collection of the original Rayman games--or an all-new Rayman game that will support 3D graphics.

The Rayman series started in 1995 with the eponymous platformer and continued in 1999 with Rayman 2: The Great Escape. (The latter game was later adapted for the PlayStation 2, DS, and iOS and debuted on the PlayStation Store for the PSP and PSN in 2008.) The series continued with Rayman Arena, released in 2002, followed by 2003's Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. Rayman himself starred in 2006's Rayman Raving Rabbids, the first of the Rabbids spin-off games. He also appeared in Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 in 2007 and Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party in 2008, but has since been absent from the now-independent series.

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Nice for Rayman fans! SAY when will Gex come back to the Playstation 3?

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Not sure how true it is but wikipedia says Rayman Origins is supposed to be on 3DS. Guess I'll have to wait and see.

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I have the Dreamcast version of Rayman 2, its a wonderful world yet very precious graphics and sound, and i don`t worry for 3DS version. Who's need it.

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I'm excited to see Rayman back in action....Those rabbids were starting to piss me off

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@Aekom pszone is saying lets get Rayman back on the playstation console the very 1st Rayman game was

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@pszone wat? ....i have absolutely no idea what you're trying to say.

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A new Rayman game, like the very first game, in 2D HD would certainly sit well with me. As achingly difficult as that game was, it was a bloody good platformer.

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dont get me wrong ubisoft got stop reasleing them on will because its damgeing there company how about Rayman on ps3 with sand rpg game do anything and stop bringing games to the will

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Yay Rayman i got sick of those Bunnies >;(

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a new rayman? without rabbids? HALLELUJA this has to be the only time I have ever liked the Australian rating board

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@DrEvilKoala Fer realz... The first Raving Rabbids wasn't too bad... after all, you were still technically playing as Rayman... It's many spinoffs, on the other hand, are beginning to reach Guitar Hero levels...

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@Marcster1994 DS could easily handle Rayman 2, it was just a rushed and sloppy port. GBA Rayman also had its share of problems.

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wow this brings back memories..

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Rayman needs to go Conker's Bad Fur Day to get my interest

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I hope this means we're getting a new The Great Escape-style game, not just some Rabbit game with stereoscopic effects.

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@ClaudeLv250 Yeah but the the 3DS could probably support Rayman 3 rather than the DS with Rayman 2

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Is it over for the screamig rodents? I was getting tired of them.

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Yes! About friggin time! I assume it's going to be a new 3D game. For 3DS it sounds like. I don't have a problem with that, but I definitely want a new Rayman for consoles as well. We've got the downloadable 2D Rayman coming, so hopefully this is going to be an awesome 3D Rayman!

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It's probably a port of Rayman 3 for 3DS. Goes with Ubisoft tradition of sloppily porting Rayman games to Nintendo handhelds at launch. GBA got the original Rayman, DS got Rayman 2.

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@TzarStefan: But Rayman can do good in 3D: The Great Escape and Hoodlum Havoc are proofs of it.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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It's about time we get a proper Rayman. I was beginning to think the Rabbids had killed the limbless one off for good.

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Man, if it was the Great Escape, id be pumped. Loved the game, never got to finish it. Im not a fan of the 2D sidescrolling games however, so I will have my fingers crossed

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I was actually just playing the first Rayman a few hours ago for kicks. Painfully difficult. Hope this is good!

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Thank goodness, no more Rayman games that are minigame collections please...

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2D in 3D please i like the first one.

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wow, a new rayman game? guess, ubisoft got tired of making those petz games and decided to put some effort into their 'mascot.'

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Yay, a rayman game without rabbids.

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Hi, were the gaming industry, and we have completely run out of new and creative ideas for fresh games so we are now going to re-release every game ever made becasue most idiots will think they are new and don't know the difference anyway.

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YES!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!! I've been waiting for this moment since Rayman 3.... Raving Rabbids. Cool and all, but this gen is in serious need of more great platformers than cheap mini-game collections, or just cheap games in general. Ubisoft. THANK YOU.

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Honestly? I'd really, really want a simple Rayman game that is similar to Rayman 1.

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I can't wait to see Rayman in 3d! Have any of you 3d bashers even played Wipeout HD? It's so awesome and looks incredibly sweet. It's just a taste of how good 3d games actually look, I really can't wait for ICO and Shadow of the Collossus in 3d...

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i hope its a REAL rayman game... not another mini-game compilation... i hope its like ratchet and clank gameplay with a semi-freeroam feel, but with rayman 3 gameplay controls.

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I'm excited for the idea of a new Rayman and all, but really, do we need more 3D shoved at us? Seems like every other decade or so, 3D pops up with mass media support, only to die out in the space of a few years

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Finally, something that's not the "Rabbids"!

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Sweet! Loved the game! (N64)

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rayman 2 was AWESOME!

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The original Rayman was fun, but hard. I'm looking forward to this.

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I want a rayman 2 remake, I remember playing it on N64 with the expansion pack it was and awesome game well thats think.