Raven working on "international movie license"

LinkedIn page for creative director of Activision-owned shop adds weight to rumors of James Bond game in development.


In December, James Bond fan site MI6 reported that a new James Bond game was in the works. The title, reportedly an action adventure with heavy stealth elements, is rumored to be in development at Raven Software, the Madison, Wisconsin-based shop behind Singularity, the Wolfenstein reboot, and X-Men: Ultimate Alliance.

The James Bond series definitely qualifies as an
The James Bond series definitely qualifies as an "international movie license."

Since then, little has been heard about the supposed Bond game, which may be a tie-in to the next James Bond film that is set to begin filming later this year. However, speculation was reignited this week by the LinkedIn resume of a Raven employee.

The employee's resume lists his position as "Creative director [on] unreleased international movie license action/adventure game at Raven Software." (Emphasis added.) Later on, he describes himself as being "involved at highest levels of game design for an unreleased high-profile movie-license action/adventure game using the Unreal 3 engine." The resume lists the game as having been in development for one year and eight months.

Of course, the name of the license was not mentioned on the resume, and Activision had not responded to requests for comment as of press time. However, the list of suspects is not long. Raven has worked on a film tie-in before, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Activision also holds the X-Men film tie-in license. Other possibilities include a Transformers title but not Spider-Man, as Beenox recently took the reins of that franchise. Raven has no history of working on tie-ins for children's films, which likely rules out such properties as Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon.

For more information on Activision's last James Bond Game, check out the review of James Bond 007: Blood Stone.

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