RatHunt heads to the PC

Mirage Interactive's action game is being developed for the PC and console platforms.



Mirage Interactive, the Poland-based studio that created /pc/action/mortyr20931944/index.htmlMortyr: 2093-1944, is currently developing a first-person shooter titled RatHunt for the PC and console platforms. The game is powered by a LithTech engine, and it is set in a variety of modern-day environments. Players assume the role of Mason, a man being hunted by a variety of enemies, including the police and three different Mafia groups. The game incorporates some role-playing elements such as character development--Mason will change over time and adapt to the players' style of play. For instance, he will become more stealthy if players choose to sneak past enemies, or tougher if they choose to fight head-on.

We've posted some screenshots in the gallery above that show off some of the different environments, enemies, and weapons that will be featured in the game. No North American publisher or release date for the game has been announced. For more information, visit the official RatHunt http://www.rathunt.comWeb site.

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