Ratchet & Clank revealed

A new game from the creators of Spyro the Dragon is in the works for the PlayStation 2.


Ratchet & Clank

The official UK PlayStation site has revealed that Insomniac Games, the creator of the Spyro the Dragon series, is currently working on a new action game called Ratchet & Clank for the PlayStation 2. In the game, players will take control of a batlike creature named Ratchet and a small robotic character named Clank who clings to Ratchet's back. Clank will be able to use a number of mechanical devices such as a helipack to help propel Ratchet to different areas of the environment. Ratchet will start out with a wrench as his primary weapon, but players will gain access to 35 weapons over the course of the game, including flamethrowers, bomb gloves, and a bolt blaster. In order to secure these items, Ratchet will have to pay for them using the bolts that can be collected in each level.

Ratchet & Clank is scheduled for release at the end of 2002. Screenshots are from the official UK PlayStation site.

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