Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault hits PSN this fall

Insomniac prepping "fun-sized" downloadable outing for run-and-gun duo, promises to return to series' familiar feel and weapons with new online features.


After a stylistic detour with last year's Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, Insomniac Games' action platforming series is returning to its old formula this fall with Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault.

Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault gets back to the series' roots of innuendo-laden subtitles.
Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault gets back to the series' roots of innuendo-laden subtitles.

In announcing the project on the official PlayStation blog, Insomniac CEO Ted Price described Full Frontal Assault as a "fun-sized" downloadable outing for the PlayStation 3. He also said the developer is getting back to "the series' classic feel, camera, controls, and weapons," while adding in new online features as well.

Full Frontal Assault isn't the pair's only PS3 appearance this year. It will be preceded by the summer launch of the Ratchet & Clank Collection, which will compile the first three games in the series with redone HD visuals and stereoscopic 3D support. Price said a release date on the collection would arrive in the next couple of weeks and repeated a previous tease that the developer has a surprise in store for North American fans.

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no rathet for xbots hya ha ha ha hya ha ha ahy aha tololol tolololl trol troli stinty pop xbox stinks

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Think this is being released on disc in UK, much like booty which I added to the collection.

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Worried by the reference to tower defence in the trailer.

That wasn't a good addition in assassins creed and not sure about here.

Playing the PS2 HD remakes now as in Europe and realising what I had missed as never owned a PS2.

I hope they can get some of that sparkle back in the bottle for this one.

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When my Original PS3 broke I had to buy one of the new slim models, so then I lost the ability for backwards support. I haven't played any of these PS2 games for about 2 years. I love Ratchet and Clack, and will be buying this within the first week it comes out.

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i own the first 4, the best ones in my opinion, don't like the way ratchet looks in the new ones, he looks strange

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me too. I loved that series from the begining.

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I hope then next year we get a full R&C game. I also hope I get excited. All 4 One did not make me really excited. Still bought it thou.

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i dont want a fun sized ratchet and clank i want over 20 hours of mayhem

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Yes. I own Every Ratchet and Clank game.

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only missing 2 , not counting the handhelds

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'Full Frontal Assault' hahahaha, I always love Insomniac's sense of humour, just like with 'Size Matters', 'Up Your Arsenal' and 'Going Commando' =P

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@Johny_47 Don't forget Tools of Destruction, Quest for Booty and A Crack in Time. Tools - Booty - Crack

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@Johny_47 Size Matters is from High Impact games not Insomniac.

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@Johny_47 Wow, listing all of them together just made me realize the innuendos in the first place. :P

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I like this a lot, the HD collection and a new PSN based game. Never heard much about how all for one did but overall I find that Ratchet and Clank games have held up well over the years. My only concern now is whether or not this is still going to appeal. I mean I haven't really heard much about the old wombat so its hard to know if he is slowly slipping away as the years go on.

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I will be getting this no matter what but i wish the series was on both ps3 and xbox but oh well im good with ps3

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U would think EA would went the same route last year with ALL the BS they claim going back to Need for Speed roots with "THE RUN" the run is right run from that CRAPTASTIC game. thanks TED PRICE for taking our favorite game back to its roots.

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why is FULL FRONTAL ASSAULT only a downloadable on PSN??

let me be the FIRST one to say: QUEST FOR BOOTY was a downloadable only on PSN but play-asia.com had it on physical disc. im sure full frontal assault will too.....

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good that they realized old is better :D

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Yeah I loved A Crack In Time and Tools of Destrucition, but All 4 One was disapointing. I still have my eyes on a Quest for Booty, if I can pick that up cheap. Not sure if i'm that interested in the first trilogy re-hashed, and I certainly won't be paying top dollar for this new game. Crack In Time and Tools were great but they were essentially the same game and it sounds like this new one will be exactly the same too.

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QUEST FOR BOOTY was a awesome game to bad it was short though 6 hour game.

you might want to try play-asia.com to buy it on physical disc. like i have back in 2008.....ALL 4 ONE suck dont know what ted price was smoking dev. that crap.

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I like the series, but I think it's gotten a bit stale

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I thought Crack in Time was the best ever but the recent deviations from formula have been a little disappointing. Yes, the game play has remained the same but if you enjoy the stories and appreciate the subtle changes and improvements to game play the series is still going strong IMO.

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wow, I wonder what this will be like. Never played All 4 one even though I wanted to but never did. Looking forward to this.

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Honestly, this is probably the greatest news I've heard in a long, long, long while. From someone who thinks Tools of Destruction and A Crack in Time are some of the greatest video game experiences ever made, this is awesome news. I never thought I'd see this franchise again like it used to be, and I am literally stunned by this announcement.

I couldn't be happier. I love Ratchet & Clank so much, that I want to spend as much time as possible with them.

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Glad to hear the series is trying to get back to its roots, All 4 One was interesting but really didn't care for it too much.

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Looking forward to it :) playing through a Crack in Time now and, though it's a great game, I definitely miss the old school style.

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I am quite glad they are not releasing a full retail game... the HD collection is out this year and I will be playing that loads!

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Hopefully it's better than QFB that thing took forever to download and install and then it was super short. Will definitely be getting the collection though

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aweome i can't wait i hope they make the game longer

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Why does your photo look like a mug shot? I can see it now " Police today released a photo of the well known pig raper dubbed the Canadian Baconator. News at 11".

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something to look forward to

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I'm really excited for this! The originals were quite easily some of the best platforming and gaming in general ever made! But lol , I'm pretty sure 13 year olds are in charge of the naming of these games xD

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Deadlocked, A Crack in Time, Secret Agent Clank, and Tools of Destruction aren't innuendos. Maybe tools of destruction could be boobs? Quest for Booty and Size Matters are the best in my opinion (Of sexual titles).

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@Umar10000 More than those included , Up your arsenal , going commando , size matters , quest for booty ,etc. I'll give you crack in time and tools of destruction , but both deadlocked and secret agent clank are ''offshoots'' so to speak and often not counted in the main series.

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Ah, so that's the little surprise they were hinting at.

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Hope it's good, haven't been very excited for these in a while

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Insomniac (or whoever is pulling the strings) used to be my favorite developer, but I can't bring myself to playing R3 with a new character and Ratchet & Clank is being reduced to co op and multiplayer, which I do not care for.

Having a release on PSN tells me it's not going to be fun and very short compared to R&C: CiT

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Quest for Frontal Assault

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Yet another suggestive title. :)

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@Draco416 Sony shot down their last title. All 4 One was going to be called Fourplay.

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Eventually getting a PS3 was worth it, Got the Jak collection, soon ratchet & clank collection, sly collection.

really hope that Full frontal assault will be as classic as Insomniac describes, i miss the games very much.

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Eh... Hope it's better than Quest For Booty.