Rare working on PD0, Kameo updates

Joanna Dark and company will be battling on new multiplayer maps; Kameo's online co-op mode in last stages of debugging.


While Rare is not publicly admitting to working on new projects, it's safe to say that the Microsoft subsidiary's developers aren't merely sitting around twiddling their collective thumbs. The company that brought GoldenEye 007 to the Nintendo 64 was instrumental during the launch of the Xbox 360, with two titles, Kameo: Elements of Power and Perfect Dark Zero, available the day the 360 was in stores.

Just because the games are out the door doesn't mean Rare isn't continuing to work on them. In its e-mail exchange with fans on its Web site, Rare disclosed that it has new content cooking up for both Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero, but details are slim.

To no one's surprise, Rare confirmed that developers are working on new multiplayer maps for Perfect Dark Zero, but it's not clear how many there will be or when they will be available. The staff is also in the process of prepping an update "to fix some of the annoying issues players have with the game." Rare says that clan functionality was supposed to be available at launch, but it ran into problems on Microsoft Game Studios' side. There's no word on clan functionality being a part of the upcoming update.

Kameo's online cooperative play is reportedly close to being finished. According to Rare, the option is in the last stages of debugging and should be available "very soon." More downloadable content is also expected to hit Xbox Live shortly after the co-op functionality is released.

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