Rare will be commonplace on Xbox 360

Peter Moore says two more next-gen games from developer en route for Microsoft's console; details will be revealed next spring.


It's becoming quite clear that when Microsoft purchased Rare Limited in 2002, it wasn't to make Grabbed by the Ghoulies or a remake of Conker's Bad Fur Day for the Xbox. Games such as Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo: Elements of Power, originally slotted for the GameCube, were pushed back for the launch of the Xbox 360 to give the console some firepower for day one.

Now it seems that there may have been another reason that Kameo and PD0 never made it onto the current generation of consoles: Rare was busy working on more Xbox 360 games.

In an interview with MTV, Peter Moore, corporate vice president of worldwide marketing and publishing for the Xbox, let slip that Rare currently has two more projects in the oven for the next-gen console. According to MTV, the projects have been in development for almost two years, and the games will be announced in spring 2006.

Though he didn't go into specifics about the games, expect them to be from different genres. Moore told MTV the games will "leverage Rare's incredible ability to broaden the demographic that are attracted to the consoles."

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