Rare Skylanders toys fetching over $900 on eBay

Collection of six silver and gold action figures drawing huge premium in online auction house with more than a day left to go.


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How much is too much to pay for a collection of toys? eBay bidders for Activision's Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure have weighed in with their wallets and are offering close to $1,000 for rare Skylanders toys.

Bidding on an eBay listing (spotted by Game Informer) for a collection of six rare gold- and silver-hued Skylanders toys has reached $948 from 32 bids as of press time on Friday, with more than a day left to go. The characters themselves are available at retail for about $10, but not colored gold and silver.

Would you pay $1,000 for a set of toys?
Would you pay $1,000 for a set of toys?

The eBay seller is based out of the United Kingdom, with shipping fees estimated to cost around $50, before any applicable additional charges.

During its financial report last week, Activision said it had sold 20 million Skylanders toys. Additionally, a new Skylanders title--Skylanders Giants--is due out this fall. As its name suggests, that game will feature larger Skylanders characters, as well as some that light up.

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