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Rare Rocky Trilogy Of VHS Tapes Sold At Auction For A Wild Amount

Someone paid more than $50,000 for sealed copies of the first three Rocky movies.


The first three Rocky movies are beloved, but how much are original factory-sealed copies on VHS worth in 2023? Things are worth what people pay for them, and someone has bought Rocky 1-3 on VHS, paying more than $50,000 for the collection.

As reported by The New York Times, the original Rocky sold for $27,500, Rocky II went for $12,500, and Rocky III was sold for $13,750 through a Heritage Auctions listing in February. Together, they sold for $53,750.

The seller was Jay Carlson, a collector who acquired the videos from a man who made a time capsule for his son, who was born in 1982. The buyer remains a mystery, but the person certainly has deep pockets.

"These tapes are historical artifacts that have this ability to sweep you back in time to a place that all at once feels miles away and yet somehow like home," Carlson said. "I used to think it was just me, but I talk to more and more people getting into this because of that pull."

Heritage Auctions sells all manner of collectibles, including video games. A Super Mario 64 cartridge sold for $1.56 million in Summer 2021, becoming the most expensive video game ever sold.

As for the Rocky series, the series debuted in 1976, with sequels Rocky II and Rocky III releasing in 1979 and 1982 respectively. Rocky IV came out in 1985, followed by Rocky V in 1990. The spin-off series Creed debuted in 2015, with Michael B. Jordan playing the lead, a role he reprised with 2018's Creed II and 2023's Creed III.

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