Rare Replay's Great Behind-the-Scenes Video Series to Continue on YouTube

We'll soon get to learn even more about the history of Rare.


Arguably the best part of Rare Replay, the recent Xbox One collection of many of Rare's classic games, is Rare Revealed. These unlockable, behind-the-scenes videos offer insight into the studio's evolution and the creation of its games, and it looks as if we'll be getting more in the future on YouTube.

Rare casually announced this today on Twitter, saying, "Enjoy the Rare Revealed videos? We'll make some more for YouTube!" This was accompanied by two screenshots, one showing a 2.5D version of a Banjo-Kazooie game, and another showing Bottles' Revenge, a cut game mode from Banjo-Tooie. You can see both of these below.

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Rare wouldn't say when these new videos would be coming, instead simply encouraging fans to subscribe to its YouTube channel.

The Rare Revealed videos in Rare Replay are invaluable for fans of the company, with some even showing off unreleased games for the first time. As GameSpot's review notes, "In some cases, their content is far more valuable than some games included here."

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Problematically, you need to unlock these videos by playing through the included games. Unlocking everything is an enormous task, and doing so requires you to play games you might not have any interest in (such as reliving the horror of Perfect Dark Zero). Releasing future videos through YouTube seems ideal, what with Rare Replay players publishing the game's videos there already.

Rare Replay debuted earlier in August for $30. It includes 30 of Rare's games, each with their own achievements. More of Rare's back catalog could be added as DLC in the future.

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