Rare Replay Collection Announced at E3 2015, Will Have 30 Games, 10,000 Gamerscore

Viva Pinata, Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie, and more coming in August.


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Microsoft has announced it will be publishing Rare Replay for Xbox One, a package that brings together 30 of the studio's best games in one place.

The game was announced at Microsoft's E3 press conference, where a $30 price was also confirmed along with an August 4 release date.

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Among the list of games included in Rare Replay are Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Viva Pinata, Perfect Dark, Blast Corps, Battletoads, and Killer Instinct.

In total, Rare Replay will have 10,000 Gamerscore.

Rare's last release was 2014's Kinect Sports Rivals and little had been heard about the studio's next project until now.

In January 2015 the studio indicated it had something significant in the pipeline for this year. Veteran Rare composer, Robin Beanland, took to Twitter and said, "This is a huge year" for the studio.

The previous year, in November 2014, Xbox exec Phil Spencer suggested that the studio was working something a little more in touch with its roots, as opposed to another Kinect title.

"Got to play the new Rare game today," Spencer said. "Rare building a uniquely Rare game, as it should be. Great visit to the studio."

Microsoft's comments saying it doesn't want Rare to be considered only a Kinect Sports studio added further weight to this speculation.

Though it wasn't clear whether it was related to Rare's teases, Microsoft renewed its trademark for Battletoads around the same time, suggesting--but not confirming--that the company was at work on a revival of the long-dormant series created by Rare and released for the NES in 1991.

Rare also announced an all-new game, Sea of Thieves.

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