Randy Savage Loved Jay Lethal's Macho Man Impression

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Ring of Honor World Champion Jay Lethal has quite the task ahead of him on Friday, December 14 when he defends his title against The Elite member Cody at the Final Battle PPV. It's been a crazy year for Lethal. He beat Dalton Castle for the ROH title and defended it at All In, where he, once again, channeled his old character Black Machismo, his version of Macho Man Randy Savage.

What made Lethal's appearance at the gigantic wrestling event in Chicago so important was that not only did he step back into the role of Black Machismo, but he came to the ring accompanied by Lanny Poffo, Macho Man's brother. Although the Macho Man passed away in 2011, he still heard Lethal's spot-on impression of him, and the two spoke over the phone about it.

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Photo credit: Ring of Honor
Photo credit: Ring of Honor

"The first time I spoke with [Macho Man Randy Savage], now I'm gonna be honest, I didn't believe it was him because I can do a pretty good Macho Man impression, and I'm sure other people could too," Lethal told GameSpot. "I'm sure that I know a couple people who can do one. So, when I was talking to him on the phone, deep down inside, I thought this could be somebody else playing a trick on me. Until Lanny actually confirmed that it was his brother. But he loved it. He said he didn't watch it on TV but he did watch some of the stuff, he pulled my stuff up on YouTube and he absolutely loved it."

When it came to the All In PPV this past summer, Lethal and Lanny Poffo teamed up for Lethal's title defense against Flip Gordon. And Lanny was a huge fan of Lethal's work impersonating his late brother. "He loved it so much that at the All In pay-per-view, the days before Starrcast, big signing, there was so much to do," explained Lethal. "Well I had a signing with Lanny, we were at the same table and he told me, 'One of the things that I miss the most about my brother is, just sometimes at random times he would just yell at me. So if you could, just at random times throughout this signing just find a reason to yell at me I would love it.'

"And of course, I thought it was hilarious and weird, but brotherly love is always something that's weird. I just think about the way that I interact with my brother it could be weird to other people. So I got a huge kick out of it. So of course every five minutes or so, if he was talking to a fan I would yell at him, 'Get back over here! We're trying to work!' He absolutely loved it. So I think he enjoys the impression more than anybody."

You can see more of Lethal at Ring of Honor's Final Battle, which airs LIVE from New York City on Friday, December 14 at a new start time of 8 PM ET on PPV, free for HonorClub VIP, at a 50% discount for HonorClub Standard, and on FITE TV. Please visit ROHWrestling or the ROH App for more information. Also, the ROH World Champ has some sweet Pokemon Go tips for you to stay competitive.

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