Rally Trophy demo available

JoWood releases a playable demo of its upcoming off-road racing game.


Rally Trophy

Austrian publisher JoWood Productions has released a new playable demo of its upcoming off-road racing game, Rally Trophy. The 71MB demo lets players race through a portion of the game, and it is available for download from the official JoWood Web site.

Rally Trophy is the first historical rally simulation game developed for the PC and the latest console systems, and it features about a dozen accurately modeled classic race cars and more than 40 detailed courses. The 3D game engine includes particle effects, skid marks, reflections, and weather conditions such as snowfall, rain, and fog, as well as day and night cycles. In addition, the game features realistic car physics and a detailed damage model.

Rally Trophy was developed by Bugbear Entertainment, and it is scheduled for release later this month. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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