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(Produced in partnership with Acer) Winning a bar fight doesn't make you a boxer. Drag racing on Main St. doesn't mean you're ready for NASCAR. Owing a katana doesn't mean you're a ninja. And being good at video games doesn't mean you're ready to compete in esports. Like any profession, there's a level of skill and discipline separating the amateurs from the elite career men and women who compete for a living. Unlike most professions, though, there has never been an easy roadmap on how to achieve digital enlightenment above and beyond the call of duty, pun unintended. That is, until now.

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Enter Acer's Training Room, a full online dojo focused on training not just a gamer's hands and eyes, but their body and mind. Any fool's walkthrough can tell you where a vehicle's going to spawn in PUBG, or how to creep stack in Dota 2. The Training Room's purpose is to give PC gamers the tools they need to recognize when and why to use them, and have the mental conditioning to execute at the drop of a dime. Practice can make you the Karate Kid. The Training Room wants to help you become Bruce Lee.

The Training Room itself is an online hub packed to the brim with the kind of top-to-bottom info and resources usually reserved for the pros, and provided by the best of the best in the realms of pro gaming, psychology, and physical fitness. In the Room's first round of content, to train the body, we have Jake Middleton, who's been providing gamers with specialized workout regimens specifically to keep the adrenaline flowing, and the reflexes well-oiled, and the eyes sharp when the pressure is on. Not only does Jake know the science behind performance, detailing the advantage of a strong body creating a stronger mind, but he provides a 12 week workout regimen to kickstart the process. From minute one, players will have the perfect jumping off point to establishing a healthy routine that, by itself, will boost what anyone is capable of on- and off-screen. If you're wondering why a lot of esports players look like they could run a marathon at a moment's notice, Jake will make sure you find out.

For the mind, we have Dan Himmelstein, a specialist in esports psychology will will train players on how to not just update their skillset, but achieve a state of mind open and ready for the process of growth. Every new match, every mistake, every new strategy learned offers something to the players, and using Dan's philosophy of having a growth mindset will let players gets the most out of every second of it. Players will learn to not just processing stress in the moment, but parsing success and failure after the fact, learning to frame it all in a context that will be useful for every game after. Experiencing tranquility isn't just for Omnics anymore, folks.

Of course, there is also the game itself and League of Legends pro player-turned-coach-turned-highly respected analyst Scarra will give you full access into the mind of the pros, how to think, move, and analyze every match with the warrior's eye for strategy. Scarra's first League video is, specifically, a masterclass on Summoner's Rift, introducing the concept of pressure on the map, how to smartly make a play for the enemy's side of the lane, not just making blind fingers-crossed fumbles toward their front door then being torn apart by summoners. This is how the best of the best see the League of Legends world. You will learn how to divide and conquer when thinning the enemy side ranks, to stretch and then overstretch. You will learn the vital concepts the pros use to dominate their opponents and what your enemies plan to do before they do it.

Between these three are years of experience with the specific challenges the pros must face on and off the screen. Through an ongoing series of articles, interviews, and videos, players will be empowered to truly take their game to the next level. Maybe it'll be enough to take your particular set of skills to the pros; maybe you just want to dominate from the comfort of your own home. Either way, the Training Room is the gateway to becoming MORE.

The dojo awaits at Acer.com.

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