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Rainbow Six Siege's Starter Edition Returns To PC, This Time For Good

The $15 Starter Edition is back.


Ubisoft has brought the discounted Starter Edition of Rainbow Six Siege back to PC, and this time it's sticking around permanently, the company tells GameSpot.

You can pick up the Starter Edition starting today through Uplay. Priced at $15, it includes the full game--including all modes and maps--but with a more limited selection of Operators, the game's unlockable characters. The standard edition costs $50, though it's currently discounted on Uplay to $25. There are still two other options available as well in the form of the the $80 Year 2 Gold Edition and the $100 Complete Edition.

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The Starter Edition provides access to as many as four Operators to start with, while the remaining ones can be unlocked in two ways. One is with R6 Credits, a currency you can purchase for real-world money. The other is with Renown, which you earn by playing the game. However, the Renown cost is significantly higher for Starter Edition players than it is for those who purchase the standard game.

As for what characters you do get at first, you're guaranteed to receive two that are randomly selected from a pool of those that are easy for new players to grasp: Rook, Sledge, Ash, Fuze, Mute, and Smoke. Additionally, the Starter Edition comes with 600 R6 Credits, which is enough to buy two of the characters from the base game or one of the post-launch DLC characters. Alternatively, those R6 Credits can be spent on other things, such as cosmetic items.

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A console version of the Starter Edition has not been announced. The PC version was previously available on Steam in addition to Uplay. Ubisoft declined to comment on the possibility of the Steam version also making a comeback.

Earlier this week, Siege got its next big expansion, Velvet Shell, which introduces new character and a map, among other things. You can get the full rundown on that in the video above, and see an overview of the upcoming year of content here.

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