Rainbow Six Siege's Skull Rain Expansion Now Live, Here's Everything It Adds

New characters, a map, weapon skins, quality-of-life improvements, and more.


The latest expansion pack for Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Skull Rain, and an accompanying update are now live on all platforms, and we have the full patch notes.

As revealed recently, the main components of Skull Rain are two new Operators and a map set in Brazil. The Operators come from Brazil's BOPE unit; one has a special crossbow, while the other can sneak up on enemies and interrogate them. The map is the game's "most destructible" one yet, according to Ubisoft. It's free to everyone, while the Operators are only available to season pass holders for the next week. After that, anyone can purchase them with in-game currency.

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On the improvement side, this update makes it so that players' limbs no longer clip through walls, inadvertently giving away their position. The kill cam has been updated to more accurately show what occurred, and the pre-round tactical map now offers additional detail. Other quality-of-life changes include a way to see your teammates' loadouts on the waiting screen, the ability to pick who spawns with the bomb defuser, a better compass, and a streamlined HUD.

Also new in this update are weapon skins, a weapon attachment, a Tactical Realism custom game mode, and a way to surrender Ranked matches. In an effort to make the season pass more valuable, those who have purchased it now receive a 10 percent discount on all in-game-shop content. This applies toward purchases with Renown and R6 Credits.

There's also a wide variety of bug fixes, addressing everything from floating turrets to players being able to shoot after being downed. A complete list of these changes, along with all of the additions and tweaks in this update, can be seen on the official Rainbow Six website.

As part of the update's unveiling, we learned recently that Rainbow Six Patriots--the game that was in development prior to Siege--was canceled in order to focus on a long-term, sustainable game with competitive multiplayer.

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