Rainbow Six Siege's Next Character Teased In New Video

Ying is the first of the two Hong Kong Operators coming in the Blood Orchid expansion.


Following the reveal of Rainbow Six Siege's next map, one of the three new Operators launching later this month has now been teased. The video below offers a very quick look at what to expect from Ying.

Ying is one of two new characters in Operation Blood Orchid who hail from Hong Kong's Special Duties Unit, also known as the Flying Tigers. She carries the Six12 and T-95 LSW as primary weapon options, while her secondary is a Q-929. Of course, it's her ability that is the biggest question, and we unfortunately don't get to see it fully used here.

The video shows her throwing a ball under a barricaded doorway, but it cuts away before its actual purpose is revealed. A recent leak on Reddit suggested it's a cluster of flashbangs that can either be rolled or attached to a surface. Given the leak also correctly showed Ying's face, it seems safe to assume that it is accurate.

Ubisoft's full reveal for Blood Orchid is coming soon. During a livestream next week, it will show more of the new Hong Kong map, which is called Theme Park and is seen in the Ying teaser, as well as the two other characters the expansion adds. These Operators will be free to Year 2 season pass owners on August 29, while other players will be able to purchase them with in-game currency a week later.

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I bet you it is an explosive drone

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zzz Ready for a real Rainbow Six sequel already zzz

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Is the other one's name Yang?

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I’m so ready for new operators. Love siege. And the game feels fresh after every season.

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@restatbonfire: this one has felt like worse trash though lamo no new content for 6 months

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@shlompskii: and the operation health thing was bs they didn’t fix nothing if anything there’s more problems

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@restatbonfire: Hitboxes, Matchmaking, Voice Chat Audio Quality, New servers about to deploy, Texture upgrade on PC, vaulting animation improvement, and lots of random bug fixes like Hibana pellets and Kapkan trap placement consistency. I don't know if that constitutes nothing. In fact that sounds quite good.

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@nibbin1191: somewhat quicker. I still have to wait 5-6 mins occasionally