Rainbow Six Siege's New Limited-Time Headshot Mode Is Live

All it takes is one well-placed shot to emerge victorious in Rainbow Six Siege's new Headshot arcade mode.


Rainbow Six Siege's new game mode is live, and if you've ever wanted to prove just how good your aim is, then Ubisoft's squad-based shooter Headshot may be what you're looking for. As the title says, only a well-aimed round to the head will take down an opponent, as body shots do zero damage.

Headshot will take place on a limited map pool of Kafe Dostoyevsky, House, Border, and Favela. Attackers will be designated as team silver and will have stun grenades and breach charges at their disposal, while the defending team gold has access to barbed wire and bulletproof cameras.

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Headshot also has no preparation phase and reinforcements have been removed, resulting in a game of pure skill according to Ubisoft. There's only a small window of opportunity though, as Headshot will be available from July 15-19.

In other Rainbow Six Siege news, Ubisoft has announced planned balancing changes for Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2.2, which rolled out onto test servers last week and will reach the main game later this month. Cross-play and cross-progression are still scheduled to arrive on PlayStation and Xbox in 2022, with the feature being unlocked for PC, Stadia, and Luna players on June 30.

If you're after some more extraterrestrial action alongside your squad, this September will see the release of Rainbow Six Extraction, which combines teamwork with an evolving alien threat. Check out everything that we know about Rainbow Six Extraction, including info on how multiplayer works, preorders, and what microtransactions you can expect.

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