Rainbow Six Siege's New Free Map Takes Place In A Theme Park

It's the creepiest Siege map to date.


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A bigger-than-usual expansion is on the way for Rainbow Six Siege later this month, and among the contents is a new map. Aside from knowing it would be set in Hong Kong, we had no idea of what to expect, but that's changed with the release of a video that provides a brief tour.

As its name suggests, Theme Park is set in an amusement park. It looks to be abandoned and dilapidated, with plants growing over certain parts--though someone has been kind enough to keep paying the electric bill, apparently.

It looks to be an excellent new setting for Siege's style of gameplay, although it does look more like a map you'd see in Killing Floor than here. You can check Theme Park out in the video above.

This map releases for free to all players as part of the Blood Orchid expansion's launch on August 29. It will also introduce three new characters to the game, one more than the usual expansion. That extra is due to the cancellation of a previous expansion in favor of Operation Health, during which Ubisoft worked to resolve fundamental and technical issues with the game. The map that was a part of that expansion will never see the light of day, but its two new Operators will be split across Blood Orchid and the expansion after that.

The map and characters will be fully revealed during a Gamescom livestream at the Rainbow Six Pro League Finals. The stream is scheduled for August 26 at 10:15 AM PT / 1:15 PM ET / 6:15 PM BST on Twitch.

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so when do they fix the technical issues???

oh wait they "already did" which means never or maybe next time they "fix the issues" they might fix them very unlikely...

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Still making updates after all this time huh....

My hat is off to you sir.

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@ElDelBarrio: Game is very much going strong here, unlike others the playerbase isn't declining, and I expect when this update drops it'll go higher.

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@ElDelBarrio: I mean, it'd be silly for them not to. They just passed 20 million players earlier this month plus they added a 2nd season for 2017 because so many people still continue/new players play this game.