Rainbow Six Siege's New Anti-Cheating Tech Already Going Strong, Has Banned Thousands

"Moving forward, we will be taking many actions to prevent cheaters..."


Ubisoft announced today that it has banned 3,800 Rainbow Six Siege cheaters on PC. This new ban wave comes as a direct result of the developer's recent implementation of the BattlEye system that roots out cheaters.

"With this first wave of bans from BattlEye, we are establishing a firm stance to protect the game and the community for the long run," Ubisoft said on the game's website.

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BattlEye launched last week through a beta and the 3,800 bans came in that first week. Going forward, Ubisoft said BattlEye will get even better and faster.

"In the future, BattlEye will be banning much more quickly, sometimes in real-time," it explained. "Ban waves with longer delays can still happen, but usually bans for detected cheaters should take a few days maximum."

BattlEye is not the only anti-cheating program that Ubisoft uses to keep Siege's playing field as level as possible. The developer also has the FairFight program, which uses algorithmic models to identify cheating behavior. BattlEye focuses more on prevention rather than behavior, serving as something of a shield for the game. In a previous blog post, Ubisoft said, "You can picture it operating like anti-virus, scanning your memory to detect known cheat signatures."

You can expect Ubisoft to continue to work on removing cheaters from the battlefield.

"Moving forward, we will be taking many actions to prevent cheaters (some you'll see, some you won't) in order for you to fully enjoy the intensity and competitive nature of the game while being confident your game is fair," Ubisoft said.

You can learn more about BattlEye here in this FAQ.

Siege launched in December 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Nine months later, the game's daily player total is currently higher than it was when the game shipped, according to an IGN report.

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We have a world population of 7 billion plus. According to which source you believe, about 50% of households own at least one gaming PC or console (discounting 3rd world folks struggling just for a meal a day). So, that's a huge amount of potential gamers worldwide. Yet this game only gets around 12000 people playing concurrently.

Think about that for a minute. Every successful business model I've seen wouldn't call that a success. That's a whole lot of money left on the table for a segment of the gaming community that ain't biting. If they thought this MP only game was very good, you'd see much, much bigger numbers than what they're getting.

But hey, anti-cheating software is all good. Just wish they had put more content and effort into this Tom Clancy branded game and I would have gotten it.

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@charlieholmes: according to the poster below that is steam players. If you buy it outside steam which is most sales, you login to uplay. Theres a lot more than 12k people. Its top 3 on xbox live.

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WOW!!!! according to steam charts on average this game gets 12k players on PC, banning almost 4k means 33% of player base are cheating, so almost every 3rd guy you see is cheating!

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@adro191: game is sold outside steam

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Another reason I do not player multiplayer games let alone FPS.

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BattlEYE is doing amazing job! I couldn't even imagine that we had so many cheaters in this game.... GG Ubisoft <3 better later than never. I love that game so much, it's so addictive and actually require you to use your brain before doing any move or squeezing the trigger which is rare thing in nowadays shooters.

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wow, closed to 4k cheaters, does those games series like Battlefield , COD, CS:GO, right now has as much rampant cheaters like this Rainbow game?

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3,800 on PC... In just its first week. Big surprise. The master race for all its "superiority" seems to be quite corrupt and defunct. Paying 2-3 times more for that little extra graphical pop in what Triple A games you do get, on top of the cheating and piracy. Why are you the master race again? Lol

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After all these years I still don't understand how people can find cheating in a PvP game fun. Especially in a paid game. You pay full price for a game, and then you proceed not to play the game. Why? I think you really just have to be an evil person, that must be it.

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@Tiwill44:There are pure shallow in their soul, not exactly evil person

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@Tiwill44: Some people just suck so bad at a game that they have to cheat to have a fighting chance. I love that companies like Ubisoft and Blizzard are taking such a strong stance against cheating and hope other companies do as well in the future. They probably noticed that it can hurt their bottom line and investing in anti-cheat can actually help move units.

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i remember once i read on a blog for an online console game that i cant remember the name right off the top of my head that he said that the effort put into hacking and modding the game is equal to learning the game the old fashioned way. lmfao.

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take notes kids, its not "cool" to mod or hack a game to cheat. lol.

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God I want so bad to get back into this. 4000 cheaters is an insane number thats shows how bad hacking is

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Where can we read the pathetic losers excuses on how their ban is unfair?

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@ChunkyDrawers: tons of them.....my only problem is the fact fair fight has banned legal players....they need to make it better but at least they are working on it.....

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got the game on a keys site for 16$, and i had quite a blast, at last they try to make gaming a better experience.

times have changed since the unity fiasco, syndicate was a gorgeous game and jack the ripper was just the best single story dlc i've ever played.

last month i bought a steel series earset, to my great surprise, the day after i orderer the earset, i got a mail from ubi saying that far cry primal was bundled with the hardware, this is the best game i played this year, brutal, beautifull world.

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So basically they just banned their entire player base.

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@ECH71: you're not good with math are you?

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@ECH71: I know you're trying to make a joke, but you failed. Siege has more people playing it now than it ever has. 1.26 million a day actually.


Try harder next time.

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@asneakypoptart: doesn't make sense to me, 1.26m active players? all consoles? and according to steam charts this game peaked 35k players on PC, is that right? only such a small portion of PC players for a shooter game?

I would have imagined shooter games more popular on PC because you can play with mouse and keyboard as opposed to controller.

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@adro191: I would assume all platforms. PC, X1, and PS4. The Steam Charts only count people who bought the game through Steam, lots of people also bought it through uPlay which we don't have data for.