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Rainbow Six Siege's Chimera / Outbreak Update: Everything We Know So Far

Here's what to expect from the upcoming Chimera season of content.

Year 3 of Rainbow Six Siege is set to kick off soon with the launch of the Chimera update. While it will bring some of the features we're accustomed to seeing with each new season of content, like new Operators and maps, this one will be even bigger than usual, due to the Outbreak event.

In the video above, we recap everything that we've learned so far about Chimera and--in particular--Outbreak. There's a lot to look forward to on both the PvP and, for a change, PvE sides of the game. PvP will benefit from the introduction of the aforementioned map and character releases, which tend to offer dramatic shake-ups of the meta.

For PvE players, the Outbreak event is an exciting addition that is unlike anything Siege has seen before. Currently, the only co-op mode is Terrorist Hunt, but Outbreak presents three-person missions where you're taking down zombie-like monsters. However, this mode will only be available for a limited time, and it'll only be playable with select Operators (plus the default Recruit character). It features three exclusive new maps that are more open than the standard PvP maps.

In addition to the new playable content, there will also be a special event loot box that offers new cosmetics. 50 unique items can be obtained through these new Outbreak packs, none of which will have any impact on gameplay, according to Ubisoft. These packs will cost 300 R6 Credits, though a few rewards will be obtainable just by playing. And by simply logging in during the event, you'll get four Outbreak packs for free. Among the included items are a new Elite uniform, universal weapon skins, headgear, charms, and more.

For much more on what to expect from Siege's forthcoming update, check out the video above. If you're eager to try the game out but don't already own it, you'll soon have the opportunity to try Siege for free.

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