Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 Content Outlined, New Editions Now Available

If you missed out on the Year 1 season pass, you don't have to grind for its Operators.


After confirming a second year of content for Rainbow Six Siege, details of what players can expect from it were revealed through season pass listings. Now, Ubisoft has shared even more about what Year 2 will entail and how it's handling the retirement of the Year 1 season pass.

As those listings indicated, there will be a total of eight new Operators released over the course of Year 2. At least some of these will come from new counter-terrorist units from around the world, including those from Spain, Hong Kong, Poland, and South Korea. Those locations will also serve as the setting for the four new maps due out in Year 2. The first two Operators will be released in February 2017 (presumably alongside a map).

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You can expect these to be out on a similar schedule to those in Year 1. As depicted in the image above, Ubisoft is splitting the year up into four seasons that will each get a big update.

One of the major perks of buying the season pass is immediate access to all DLC Operators in that year. Without it, you have to wait before they become available and then unlock them individually with in-game currency (which takes a long time to save up). With Year 2's season pass now available, Year 1's is gone. That raises the question of what happens for people who want to get Year 1's DLC Operators without grinding.

The Year 2 season pass won't grant you access to the Year 1 Operators. Instead, a new DLC pack called the Legacy Operator Bundle has been released that unlocks those eight characters for 2400 R6 Credits, an in-game currency you have to pay for (it amounts to about $20). The Year 2 season pass comes with 600 R6 Credits, which helps to put a dent in the cost of the bundle while still requiring you to fork over some money.

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For those who are just now looking to get into the game, Ubisoft will introduce two new editions for sale. The Year 2 Gold Edition comes with the base game and the Year 2 season pass, while the Complete Edition includes all of that and the Legacy Operator Bundle.

The Gold Edition is out now for $80 on PS4 and PC, with an Xbox One version coming December 6. The Complete Edition is out now on PC for $100; an Xbox One version will follow on December 6 and a PS4 version at an unspecified date.

More details about what Year 2 consists of will be revealed early next year during the Six Invitational, a Siege fan event that runs from February 3-5.

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