Rainbow Six Siege White Noise DLC Update's Cool New Map Revealed

In addition to new Operators, Siege will soon add a new map.


Following its initial announcement, Ubisoft continues to share new details about Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming Operation White Noise expansion. While a full reveal is still to come, we have now gotten a look at its new map, Mok Myeok Tower.

The South Korea-themed expansion brings players to a skyscraper in Seoul that's described as a "high-tech communications tower." As you can see in the trailer above, it features a surprisingly diverse array of areas: There's a bar, office space, vents, a rooftop, and much more. "Our goal was to bring the fear of heights and a sensation of falling," level designer Jacques Wong said in a post on Ubisoft's website. "The verticality and sense of being high-up is felt inside just as much as it is outside."

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"The new feature utilizes the Tower's structure and allows players to rappel down and through the access points," he added. "The map itself is pretty large and was designed specifically so that the majority of battles would take place in the center."

As is typical for a Siege expansion, White Noise will also introduce new Operators, although we haven't gotten any details on them yet. There will be a total of three characters included in this update--the standard two, which will be tied to the South Korea theme, and one from the earlier Poland expansion that was canceled. All players get access to the map for free, while Year 2 subscribers get early access to the Operators. Everyone else can later purchase the characters with in-game currency.

Ubisoft plans to announce everything in White Noise as part of the upcoming Pro League finals streams on November 18 and 19. Judging by past rollouts, you can expect some teases of the characters between now and then.

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