Rainbow Six Siege Test Server Patch Fixes Nasty Bugs

Rainbow Six Siege's test server has a new update, and the patch notes say that it fixes significant bugs, particularly one involving Warden.


Rainbow Six Siege just made major changes to its balancing with Year 6 Season 2 North Star, but the new update on its test server fixes some bugs that the new season introduced, and we've got the patch notes below. In particular, it smashes two bugs that cause pretty significant gameplay effects for Doc and Warden.

Apparently, if Warden walks over the same hatch that a defender is reinforcing, this causes the reinforcing animation to be canceled. Obviously, this isn't ideal behavior, so this hotfix rectifies that issue. Also, if an operator is being healed by Doc's Stim Pistol while affected by Lesion's GU, it removes the effect of the GU, and that's also been fixed.

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The patch also fixes other minor issues, including an infinite loading glitch after a cinematic, various localization issues throughout the patch, and a lack of destruction VFX for certain objects on the Favela map. Y6S2 North Star gave dead players the option to affect the game after their untimely demise, as well as replacing operator armor with static HP values in order to improve combat readability.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2 Test Server Patch Notes



  • FIXED – If Warden walks over the same hatch a Defender is reinforcing, the reinforcement animation is canceled.
  • FIXED – If Operator is healed by Doc's Stim Pistol while affected by Lesion's GU, it removes the effect of the GU.


  • FIXED – No destruction VFX after destroying empty trash bags on Favela map.


  • FIXED – Game remains in infinite loading state after cinematic for Cold Zero situation.
  • FIXED – Various localization issues throughout the game.
  • FIXED – Timer for Thunderbird's Kona Station disappears if the Show Objective Indicator option is set to OFF.
  • FIXED – Flash hider and compensator have outdated descriptions.

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