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Rainbow Six Siege Pricing Revised, Standard Edition Replaced By More Expensive Option

Ubisoft updates the options for buying Siege on all platforms.


With Rainbow Six Siege's third year of content approaching, Ubisoft has once again updated the ways in which you can buy the game. Although there will still be a budget-priced option for those simply looking to get into the door, the company is doing away with the Standard edition of the game, which may result in an increase in price of the PS4 and Xbox One versions. [Update: In response to concerns from players, Ubisoft has announced further changes to how Rainbow Six Siege is sold.]

The existing Starter edition, which is only available on PC, will remain unchanged. It costs $15 and gets you access to the full game (including all modes and maps, which are never locked to anyone), as well as 600 R6 Credits, but unlocking characters is a more time-consuming process. Operators can still be unlocked with currency earned by playing the game, but they're far more expensive than they otherwise would be and thus require a substantial amount of time to obtain.

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The key change involves the $40 Standard edition. This, too, included full access to the game but also got you the original 20 Operators. Ubisoft has phased this out in favor of the $60 Advanced edition. In addition to what was in the Standard edition, you also get 600 R6 Credits and 10 Outbreak Packs, which are coming to the game part of Siege's new Outbreak event. In other words, you'll receive 10 new cosmetic items, as well as in-game currency to spend on other cosmetics. It's unclear if this will now be the cheapest way to buy Siege on consoles. We've contacted Ubisoft for clarification.

Two other buying options will also be available. The existing $90 Gold Edition will be replaced by a new one that includes the Advanced edition and the Year 3 content pass, the primary component of which is free access to all of the Operators being released in the next year. There's also the $130 Complete edition, which includes the Advanced edition, access to all Year 1 and Year 2 Operators, and the Year 3 pass.

Siege's Starter edition is already available for sale. If you're looking to pick up any of the other versions, you'll be able to do so beginning on February 13. For an idea of what's next for the game, you can read more about the Outbreak event launching alongside Year 3.

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