Rainbow Six Siege Previews Upcoming Shifting Tides Balance Changes

Weapon tweaks, Operator adjustments, and more are coming in R6S's Operation Shifting Tides update.


Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Shifting Tides update is just around the corner. In addition to introducing two new Operators, the update will make an array of balance changes to numerous weapons and characters, and now Ubisoft has shared some more details on what's being adjusted.

On the official Rainbow Six Siege website, Ubisoft has previewed some of the balance changes Operation Shifting Tides will bring to the game. As previously mentioned, a handful of weapons will receive adjustments, including the M-12 SMG, whose damage is being increased from 36 to 40. The FO-12 shotgun's damage, meanwhile, is being decreased beyond 10 meters, while the SASG-12's spread is being increased.

Numerous Operators will also receive some adjustments. The highlight intensity of Glaz's scope is being increased to better help him spot enemies. Kaid's Impact Grenades are being replaced with barbed wire, and the radius of his Electroclaw is being increased from 0.75m to 1.3m. Meanwhile, Warden's Barbed Wire is being replaced with C4, and Jackal is getting a more significant rework.

On top of those changes, Operation Shifting Tides is adding a limb penetration system. As Ubisoft previously detailed, this means that some weapons will be able to hit more than one target per shot, while others will be able to pierce through one body part of an Operator and hit another, potentially inflicting more damage. You can read much more about the new limb penetration system on the game's dev blog.

Operation Shifting Tides is live now on the PC version's test servers and is expected to arrive in December, . As previously mentioned, but no official release date has been announced as of yet. As previously mentioned, the biggest addition in the update will be two more Operators: the attacker Kali, and the defender Wamai.

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