Rainbow Six Siege Patch Notes Make Ying More Of An Offensive Spearhead

The latest Operator adjustments for Rainbow Six Siege make changes to five characters: Ying, Jäger, Mozzie, Buck, and Goyo.


Ubisoft has revealed the Operator changes for Rainbow Six Siege in Update Y5S1.2. In this update, five Operators are being adjusted--Ying, Jäger, Mozzie, Buck, and Goyo--with Ying getting a noticeable buff to up her utility in combat. A few guns are getting balance changes too.

In the update's patch notes, Ubisoft writes that the update replaces Ying's claymore (which recently replaced her frag grenades) with smoke grenades, a change the developer hopes will "increase the level of synergy she deploys when spearheading" the attacking team's assault, specifically when it comes to circumventing Mira's Black Mirrors or Goyo's Volcàn Shields.

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The update also ups the damage on Ying's T-95 LSW light machine gun from 43 to 46 and the number of Candelas she has from three to four. Both changes should help her both disorient and deal out damage more quickly, which in turn will likely increase her utility both as the first one to breach an enemy's team defenses and her likelihood of winning a one-on-one duel.

The other four Operators don't have as many changes, though their respective adjustments will still likely have an influence on their in-match meta. Both Jäger and Mozzie's changes, for example, are aimed at keeping players from roaming as much. Meanwhile the adjustments made to Buck and Goyo are more straightforward buffs and nerfs.

Jäger has gone from an Operator with level three speed and level one armor to one with level two speed and level two armor in order to encourage players to stick a bit closer to their teammates and not roam as much. Mozzie loses his Super Shorty, the extremely powerful shotgun that assisted in the defender's ability to safely roam and escape from ambushes with explosive firepower.

Buck gains claymores at the cost of his frag grenades and gets a nice buff to his Skeleton Key's magazine size and total number of rounds, which allows him to continue to be one of the game's best breach attackers while removing the offensive power he shares with Sledge (who has fallen in utility thanks to Buck's usefulness). "By removing his frags and giving more gadget ammunition, we expect players to have to operate a choice between an excellent downward attacker and a versatile soft breacher," Ubisoft wrote. Goyo loses one of his Volcàn Shields, dropping the total number from three to two--a change that's likely to be more immediately felt on the professional esport side of the game, not in casual play.

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S1.2 Operator And Weapon Adjustments


  • Added smoke grenade
  • Removed Claymore
  • Increased T-95 LSW damage to 46 (up from 43).
  • Added one Candela (4 Candelas in total)


  • Changed Operator from 3 speed/1 armor to 2 speed/2 armor.


  • Removed Super Shorty.


  • Removed frag grenades
  • Added Claymore
  • Skeleton Key
    • Increased magazine capacity from 5 to 6.
    • Increased total amount of rounds from 21 to 26.


  • Removed one Volcàn Shield (from 3 to 2)


  • M-12
    • Added Razor Holographic sights to Caveira’s M-12.
  • TCSG12
    • Reduced weapon damage from 84 to 55.
    • Increased total ammunition (from 51 to 61)

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