Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch Getting Nvidia Reflex Support

Two more competitive shooters to support Nvidia's tech solution for reducing latency in your games.


Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch are both getting Nvidia Reflex support, the company announced during its CES livestream presentation. The tech was introduced in September and more games have been adding support since, bringing the total up to 14.

Nvidia Reflex reduces latency by combining optimizations between both the GPU and games themselves. It also analyzes latency and gives feedback on where it may be in your setup. The same Reflex Latency Analyzer is also available natively in certain monitors.

The company pitches its Low Latency mode as an advantage for competitive games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends. Along those lines, it notes that with the addition of R6 Siege and Overwatch, seven of the top 10 competitive shooters support the technology, including Fortnite and Valorant.

Elsewhere in the presentation, Nvidia announced the RTX 3060 and new additions to its laptop lineup. The fourth card in its Ampere line is the cheapest card in the 30-series line. The Founder's Edition will start at $330, and Nvidia says it hopes to have them ready by the end of February.

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