Rainbow Six Siege Maintenance Coming Up, As "Operation Health" Update Detailed

Hour-long maintenance period is coming up and we now know more about the next update.


Ubisoft is conducting a round of maintenance on the Rainbow Six Siege servers this week. Posting on its website, the company confirmed the maintenance period will follow this schedule:

  • PS4 -- 9 AM - 10 AM ET
  • Xbox One -- 10 AM - 11 AM ET
  • PC -- 11 AM -- 11:59 AM ET
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During the maintenance period, Ubisoft will perform some kind of a "rank reset," while the background art will change to reflect the start of the game's Operation Health initiative.

The other big piece of news about Siege today that Ubisoft has provided a rundown of the items it hopes to address in the game's next patch, 2.2.1 or if necessary, the one after that, 2.2.2. You can see a quick breakdown of each below, while Ubisoft will share further specifics about the changes and answer fan questions about them in the coming weeks.

There is no word yet on when 2.2.1 will launch on PC or Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Operation Health is the name for Ubisoft's effort to improve the "overall Rainbow Six Siege experience." Over the next few months, Ubisoft will roll out changes to this end, while some DLC has been canceled as a result of the new plan.

More than a year after launch, Siege reportedly still has a "thriving" playerbase.

Rainbow Six Siege 2.2.1 Priority List

Descriptions written by Ubisoft

One Step Matchmaking

  • We are focusing on the testing and implementation of One Step Matchmaking. We are currently testing this on the TTS.

Map Fixes

  • Our level design team will be taking a pass on all maps to correct various bugs/glitches.

Game Crashes

  • Our technical team will be reviewing the layers of code that are leading to game crashes. This will provide you with a more stable playing experience.

Hit Boxes

  • Currently being tested on the Technical Test Server, the hit box refactor is continuing to under-go further testing prior to being deployed to the live build of the game.

Spawn Killing

  • We have seen the community’s frustrations regarding spawn killing, and our level design teams will be taking steps to mitigate the locations where this is still possible. To be clear, spawn killing is when a Defender is able to kill you within seconds of spawning. Running towards the objective and dying for not using cover is not considered spawn killing.

Join in Progress

  • We do not intend for players to be placed into Ranked matches that are already in progress. We are also going to be working on the various bugs encountered by people when they join a match in progress in Casual.

Defuser issues (audio, planting, destroying)

  • Interaction with the Defuser is not always fluid and intuitive, and sometimes does not work as intended. We will be doing a pass on the Defuser as a whole to address these issues. The various Defuser issues will be worked on throughout the entirety of Operation Health.


  • Glaz will be receiving some attention. Stay tuned for details!

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