Rainbow Six Siege Goes Gold, New Gameplay Trailer Released

New video focuses on the Russian Spetsnaz unit.


Yet another one of fall 2015's big games has gone gold. Ubisoft on Friday announced that it has completed work on the tactical shooter, Rainbow Six Siege, ahead of its release on December 1.

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Alongside that news, Ubisoft also released the final gameplay trailer from the game's "Inside Rainbow" series. This video (above) focuses on the Russian Spetsnaz counter-terrorism team.

Siege is due out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game's closed beta testing period wrapped up earlier this month. In other recent news, Ubisoft has detailed the game's single-player "Situations."

Originally set to launch in October, Siege was later delayed to December. Ubisoft has said Siege has the potential to become the company's best-selling FPS, even surpassing Far Cry 4. Chief executive Yves Guillemot said the game's replayability "will be key to its success."

Other high-profile games that recently achieved gold status include Fallout 4, Just Cause 3, Need for Speed, and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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Avatar image for gorillazzero

Love the Multiplayer but if they only make third person shooter on it would look fabulous as GR phantoms

Avatar image for Azernus

I personally prefer multiplayer over single player in all games. I am glad they spent all their effort on multiplayer and I have no problem paying $60 for an excellent multiplayer experience. I can't wait for December 1st.

Avatar image for wkadalie

@Azernus: The servers were terrible in beta though. I need to know they're fixed before I buy.

Avatar image for vubz

This beta was so much fun. Its no run and gun shooter like Call of Duty. Teamwork is essential and you really have to think. Pre ordered it and cant wait. I will be swapping between this and Fallout 4 all 2016 :)

Avatar image for 3partan341

Half assed campaign, no pre mission planning and basic coop. This is not Rainbow as far as I'm concerned.

Avatar image for sonypony4eva

@3partan341: What campaign lol? It's multiplayer only and if you don't have Internet access, you're playing with bots.

Avatar image for WarFox89

1 month for bug hunt and polishing is a good situation i think. Beta was very impressive imho and the only concern i had is the problematic MM system and the OP shield. i hope it's all be sorted out till the release and i will buy the game probably.

Avatar image for Azernus

@WarFox89: They mentioned in the post beta notes that the shield was OP and would be addressed. I didn't play the beta, but saw the shield was OP based on this link and some videos I watched.


Avatar image for WarFox89

@Azernus: Thank you for that information! :)

Avatar image for Bond_Villain

looks good.

Avatar image for xenomorphalien

I really enjoyed the beta. I'm waiting for reviews though. But on the bright side, free DLC.

Avatar image for bobafetthatesu

this will fail..... and badly.

Avatar image for wkadalie

@bobafetthatesu: It's a good game. If it does badly, it's only because of tough competition.

Avatar image for Evenios

great i might get this if it has some decent single player modes too i was more into the single player. terrorest hunt then the multiplayer.

Avatar image for se7en1989

Shouldn't of scrapped R6 Patriots Ubisoft...Nobody wanted a R6 multplayer only game especially for 60 bucks, you messed up. I played the beta and I can say from experience that it gets old very fast and full of bugs... No thanks...

Avatar image for kem1stry

They should have opened the beta if they were really confident in their product. I'm interested but I need to test it out first.

Avatar image for Raged4Life

60 for the game and then expect a ton of DLC to be thrown at it. Typical ubisoft fare. I've uninstalled Uplay and haven't looked back.

Avatar image for Salt_AU

An MP only game will not surpass Far Cry 4 in sales. Sorry.

Avatar image for Azernus

@Salt_AU: I tend to trust their expectations over yours. Since you know, they back their business ventures on statistics, not on guys with Rockstar logos in gaming comment sections.

Avatar image for Salt_AU

@Azernus: Would you like to put a wager on it? What does a Rockstar logo have to do with the point you're attempting to make?

Avatar image for stylest

I was waiting so long for a new rainbow six, loved vegas and 2.... but i did not like the beta and I don't plan to get it now... as for outselling far cry... I'm pretty sure most people are not that bothered about this game

Avatar image for jako998

Im good with Halo 5 Multiplayer. Sorry ubisoft but I'm not buying your game for 60 dollars for just a MP game.

Avatar image for yukushi

I will not be buying this game I see a new trend in the gaming industry to release MP only games for $60 thats ridiculous a total rip off, if gaming ever gets to the point where there is no more single player games I will retire from gaming and find something else to do.

Avatar image for aegis_kleais

Can't see this new trend of $60 for just MP games catching on. Far too expensive, especially when you just know it'd have Ubi's trademark PC-esque issues that will never get patched. I'll pass.

Avatar image for nurnberg

@aegis_kleais: MP games are virtually always incomplete when released, and require a ton of expensive DLC to get the full game.

Avatar image for JediMasterJ42

@aegis_kleais: Agreed. Although the Beta was...a Beta...you could still tell the game is really small. None of the maps really felt different and the two game modes they had didn't feel different at all. I also feel like they should have run the Beta longer because the server issues persisted throughout the entire time, and I don't have faith that they'll be any better when it launches.

Avatar image for xolivierx

@aegis_kleais : 60$ ??

try 79$ + tax here in Montreal (90$ taxes in for a brand new regular game)

Avatar image for xolivierx

I can't wait!

Avatar image for uninspiredcup

Not tactical shooter.

Avatar image for Saidrex

It will flop.... as a tactical shooter - it's a mess, as a competitive shooter - it's a miss....

Avatar image for hystavito

@Saidrex: Clever way to describe it :)

Avatar image for kaalkurayami

The main thing I liked about the game is that it's slow paced, tactical and it makes you think about your every move before making it so that you can decide which is better. But the game feels too small. I'll wait for the review.

Avatar image for chippiez

Sorry. Halo5 has my multiplayer fix for the year. Should've made a better SP experience, Ubs.

Avatar image for deactivated-5887c3545bd6c

@chippiez: id rather play assassins creed mp than halo. halo just isnt good to me

Avatar image for ad0mas

@chippiez: enjoy your arcadey crap

Avatar image for star-affinity

@ad0mas: I'd say it's sci-fi.

Avatar image for Damazig

Damn shame they didn't try to create another Raven Shield, and instead came up with this e-sports wanna be thing.

Avatar image for alaannn

i dont think ill be buying this i like the look of the shooting and gameplay but not sure about its single player if its mainly multiplayer thats too much off a risk that people could leave and id be left with no game

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

I enjoyed the beta but I can see this game having limitations. I also have a feeling that this will be full of DLC purchases for levels and weapons, not the kind of game I go for on principle. I shall wait for the review to see if this will be a purchase for me or not.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

I hope this does well, Played the Beta and Server issues aside was impressed !!