Rainbow Six Siege Gets a Cheaper Version That Works a Bit Differently

$15 Starter Edition has all the content from the regular version, but not as many operators out of the gate.


Ubisoft today announced a Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition for PC.

The $15 Steam/Uplay game comes with all of the modes, maps, weapons, and features from the standard edition. There is no time limit on gameplay, but it will only be available until June 19.

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The big difference between the Starter Edition and the regular version involves its operators. For the Starter Edition, players get instant access to a pair of characters randomly selected from this pool: Rook, Sledge, Ash, Fuze, Mute, and Smoke.

The Starter Edition also comes with 600 R6 Credits, which can be spent to acquire any of the other operators for 300 R6 Credits each. These Credits can also be spent on Siege's other in-game content.

You can buy additional operators in the Starter Edition by earning 12,500 renown through gameplay. This figure is quite a bit higher than 500-2,200 renown that standard edition players need to earn to unlock new characters.

For more on Siege's Starter Edition, check out this Ubisoft blog post and FAQ.

In other news about Siege, the game's latest patch arrived this week for PC and consoles, bringing new features, balance tweaks, and bug fixes. You can see the complete patch notes here.

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