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Rainbow Six Siege Could Get Another Season Pass

The first season pass was only said to cover a year's worth of content.


With the game approaching its one-year anniversary, Ubisoft may be considering a second season pass for Rainbow Six Siege.

That's according to a leaked survey shared on Reddit. In it, Ubisoft inquires about interest in various things that could be included "in the future season pass." When contacted, Ubisoft declined to comment on this story.

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The prospect of a second season pass does not come as a complete surprise. It was made clear when the first season pass was announced prior to the game's release that it would only cover the game's first year, leaving the door open for subsequent years to get their own season passes.

Siege's season pass does not consist of the major DLC expansions that add new operators and maps--those have been offered to everyone for free. Siege season pass owners instead get early access to those operators along with exclusive cosmetic items and discounts on the in-game store. They also receive other perks that don't split up the player base in the same way that Call or Duty or Battlefield do with their premium map packs.

Based on the portion of the survey that was shared on Reddit, possible perks for owners of the second pass would be an exclusive monthly skin, new uniforms, and more exclusive customization items.

It seems likely that future maps will continue to be offered for free, as Ubisoft said would be the case last year. "In addition, all post-launch maps will be downloadable for free. We want players to stay with us for the long term and have ambitious post-launch plans that we will detail at a later stage," the company said prior to Siege's release.

Siege most recently received the Operation Skull Rain update, which added two more operators and a map. Ubisoft also released a balance update and enabled new anti-cheating measures in the past few weeks that has already resulted in thousands of bans.

This story has been updated with Ubisoft's response.

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