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Rainbow Six Siege Chimera Issues: Missing Outbreak Packs, Operators, Ash Elite Skin

A fix is on the way for the missing Ash skin.


Update 3: Another update has now been shared on the status of some of these issues. The free Outbreak packs have been distributed, and players who already purchased 50 can get their free R6 Credits through the "conversion hub." Ubisoft is also in the process of distributing the Ash Elite skin, but players are warned it may take some time. As for the free Operators that all non-Starter Edition players should now have access to, Ubisoft states, "We are exploring the possibility of a mass grant, but need to do load tests first to ensure we do not crash the database, as this grant would be live and that carries a certain risk." It will provide a further update on that in the next day.

Update 2: Ubisoft has provided further details on a variety of the issues currently plaguing the launch of Siege's Chimera expansion. Regarding the free Outbreak packs that weren't awarded to players, they should be delivered sometime on March 7; those who have gone ahead and purchased all 50 packs will get the 1,200 R6 Credits those four freebies would cost as a refund. As for the Ash skin, that should be delivered sometime this week, but Ubisoft insists that everyone who should get it will receive it. The collection screen bug is still being worked on, and everyone who should have received the Damascus Steel weapon skin should now have it. The original story follows.

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Now Playing: GS News Update: Rainbow Six Siege Update Issues Include Missing Outbreak Packs, Ash Elite Skin

The rollout of the major new Operation Chimera update for Rainbow Six Siege is upon us, but players are encountering some hiccups on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Ubisoft has confirmed a variety of known issues with both Chimera's additions and the new Outbreak mode, as well as one involving the free skin many players should have received. [Update: Ongoing server issues are said to have been resolved, but Ubisoft notes that it's investigating a problem where players have not received their four free Outbreak packs for logging in.]

Ubisoft angered players with its plans to change Siege's pricing and ultimately relented. Among the apologies it planned to offer was Ash's Sidewinder Elite skin, which would be made available to all players for free by playing a match before March 6, the day of Chimera's launch. If you qualified, it should be in your inventory now that the update has gone live, but many players have reported that it isn't showing up.

In a list of known issues outlined on Reddit, Ubisoft confirms it's aware of the problem and says a fix is in progress. The same is also true for an issue where the inventory doesn't show the Damascus Steel skin. Some other issues--including the VIP discount not working and Starter Edition players being unable to buy old Operators--have already been resolved. And if you haven't received your free Outbreak loot boxes for logging in, Ubisoft says you should simply restart the game to resolve it.

Other problems don't appear to have been addressed yet. These include a delay that Buck encounters when switching to and from his Skeleton Key shotgun, voice chat not functioning, and party leaders being lost in matchmaking. You can see all of the problems Ubisoft is aware of here.

As for what's new, the Chimera update introduces two new Operators and the limited-time Outbreak mode, which features special new maps. There are also other changes that have been made to the game, as you can read about in the full Chimera patch notes.

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