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Rainbow Six Siege Cheaters Are About to Get Their Comeuppance

Ubisoft has unleashed BattlEye.


Ubisoft has announced it will begin banning Rainbow Six Siege players that have been using software to cheat in online multiplayer matches.

In a post on the Ubisoft forums, the company said its BattlEye "has been tracking various cheating software" since it was implemented, and will now begin to cull the offending players.

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"Since its launch, BattlEye has been tracking various cheating software that cheaters have been running in Rainbow Six Siege, but it has not been actively banning," it explained. "Starting today we are going to begin banning players who have been detected by BattlEye, starting with several waves of players that have been identified by BattlEye since its integration."

According to Ubisoft, since cheating softwares adapt to detection measures, it will be "continuously updating BattlEye in the future" to stay on top of cheaters.

The latest expansion pack for Rainbow Six Siege is Operation Skull Rain, and it became available across all platforms on August 2. It features two new Operators and a map set in Brazil.

The new map has been described as the "most destructible" one yet. While the map is free to everyone, the Operators are free to season pass holders and can be purchased with in-game currency for others. The Operators belong to Brazil's BOPE unit; one has a special crossbow, while the other can sneak up on and interrogate enemies.

As part of its unveiling for Skull Rain, Ubisoft discussed Rainbow Six Patriots--the game that was in development prior to Siege, which was canceled in order to focus on a long-term, sustainable game with competitive multiplayer.

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