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Rainbow Six Siege Charity Bundle Raises Over $170K For AbleGamers

The first charity bundle in Rainbow Six Siege's Sixth Guardian Program benefiting AblerGamers was quite successful.


Ubisoft has announced that Rainbow Six Siege's first charity bundle in the Sixth Guardian Program raised $171,183 for The AbleGamers Charity, an organization dedicated to improving accessibility in the video game industry.

The Sixth Guardian Program, a series of bundles dedicated to benefitting a variety of non-profit organizations, was announced back in November 2020. Focused on equitable and inclusive gaming for all players with disabilities, AbleGamers was the first advocacy group to partner with Ubisoft and the Rainbow Six Siege Sith Guardian Program. More non-profits partnering with the program will be announced later, Ubisoft said.

The AbleGamers charity bundle was available at the start of Rainbow Six Siege's Year 5 Season 4. It included a uniform, weapon skin, charm, and headgear emblazoned with the orange, white, and grey AbleGamers colors.

Gaming inclusion activist and AbleGamers chief operations officer Steve Spohn said there's hope that other companies will follow Ubisoft's footsteps and "continue to support gamers with disabilities both in their games and beyond."

"We love working with Ubisoft Montreal and the greater Ubisoft team to change the world. The community of Rainbow Six Siege supported gamers with disabilities in such a huge way,” Spohn said. "We're grateful to both the players and developers for enabling us to further our mission of making it #SoEveryoneCanGame and be a part of awesome communities like Rainbow Six. We're excited and hopeful that industry leaders like Ubisoft will continue to support gamers with disabilities both in their games and beyond."

In other Rainbow Six Siege news, a new cosmetic bundle based on Adult Swim's popular Rick & Morty cartoon is now live in the game's store. Each bundle costs 2160 R6 Credits and comes with various Rick & Morty-themed items, including a rat suit and Pickle Rick charm.

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