Rainbow Six Siege Charity Bundle Announced, Benefits AbleGamers

The first Sixth Guardian Program Rainbow Six Siege bundle includes unique gear that benefits The AbleGamers Charity.


Ubisoft has announced that The AbleGamers Charity is the first non-profit organization to kick off Rainbow Six Siege's Sixth Guardian Program. The studio said more in-game bundles supporting different non-profits will be available in the future.

The bundle includes a uniform, weapon skin, charm, and headgear emblazoned with the orange, white, and grey AbleGamers branding. It'll be available in the in-game store at the start of Year 5 Season 4 and 100% of the proceeds, with a minimum of $6 per bundle sold, go directly to the charity.

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AbleGamers' director of peer support Steve Spohn said the charity is "thrilled to have the ranks of the Rainbow Six community" supporting its cause.

"AbleGamers is honored to partner with Ubisoft to support players with disabilities with this amazing Sixth Guardian bundle," Spohn said in a press release. "With more than 46 million players with disabilities in America alone and even more worldwide, we couldn't be more thrilled to have the ranks of the Rainbow Six community joining our quest to combat social isolation and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities by providing the equipment and knowledge they need to play in the virtual worlds we love so much."

Karen Lee, the game's lead community developer, echoed Spohn's statement, saying the team wanted to "mobilize the Rainbow Six Siege community around important issues."

"Our players are so passionate, and we wanted to give them an easy, effective way to support incredible organizations, like AbleGamers," Lee said.

The AbleGamers Charity is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving accessibility in the video game industry. It advocates for more intuitive in-game customization settings, better controller manufacturing for the disabled, and more resources for activism and awareness. The charity, in collaboration with Evil Controllers, was behind the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

In other Rainbow Six news, Operation Neon Dawn (Y5S4) is now live on the PC Test Servers. It introduced a brand-new operator, the Defender Aruni and her Surya Laser Gate. The Defender Tachanka has also been reworked and comes equipped with a new arsenal of weapons.

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