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When people hear the words "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six," they immediately think of the PC hit. Sure, the game has also been released for the Nintendo 64 and the Sony PlayStation - and is planned for release on the Dreamcast - but are these systems the reason why the name is well known in the video-game market? Not really. These days, as long as people recognize the game from the title alone, you can expect a developer to milk it as much as possible, and that's exactly what Red Storm is doing with Rainbow Six.

Red Storm has given experienced developers, Crawfish Interactive the rights to develop the title for the Game Boy Color. Your mission is to lead an international task group, known as SAS soldiers, against terrorists. You control up to eight SAS soldiers, so you must carefully plan the mission. If you make one critical mistake, you can kiss your chance of successfully completing the mission good-bye.

Crawfish hopes to make the title represent the original PC version as much as possible. Rainbow Six GBC includes all the planning stages, plus the 16 missions found in the PC. Also, the game has a first-person-perspective mode, and it contains all the weapons and utilities that are in its PC counterpart. Other features found in the game are night-vision goggles for use during night missions and a sniper mode. One thing that cannot be found in the Game Boy version of the title is a third-person perspective, but Crawfish Interactive is including a new top-down mode for those gamers who do not prefer viewing games from a first-person perspective.

During the game, you have the ability to split your task force into four different teams. To make sure they are doing their job, you can keep an eye on them as you complete your objectives. You also use a battery to save your progress in the game. Rainbow Six for the Game Boy Color includes a lot of special features and appears to have a lot of depth for a handheld title. If Crawfish Interactive can pull off what is promised in the game, gamers could be in for a very nice experience when it's released this April.

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