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Rainbow 6: Patriots pulled from GameStop database

US retailer cancels preorders; tells GameSpot it is waiting to "hear further" from Ubisoft about Rainbow 6: Patriots.


Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Patriots has been pulled from the database of US retailer GameStop, with all existing preorders being cancelled.

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Speaking to IGN, a source said that the US retailer "actively flipped a switch" to remove Rainbow 6: Patriots from its systems.

The source continued by saying that the retailer does not remove games from major publishers without official confirmation that the title has been cancelled.

A GameStop spokesperson told GameSpot that the retailer has "stopped taking reservations as we wait to hear further from Ubisoft on an official release date for Rainbow 6: Patriots."

When asked about the possible cancellation of the title, a Ubisoft representative added that "we have nothing further to share about Rainbow 6: Patriots at this time."

At time of writing, no other major retailer has pulled the game from its listings.

Officially, Rainbow 6: Patriots is due to be released in 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, though Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said in November 2012 that there is a "good chance" the game will be released for next-generation consoles.

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