Ragnarok Online 2 North American beta starts this April

Players who register early will get additional in-game bonuses.


North American fans of the Ragnarok Online series can look forward to playing the sequel, Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second, later this year.

Ragnarok Online 2 is invading the US of A.
Ragnarok Online 2 is invading the US of A.

Developer Gravity Interactive has announced that the second game in the series will be available in open beta form on April 18. Players who wish to sign up can head to the official site for the North American version.

Those who register early and get to level 10 can reserve their name for the first 60 days after its launch. The same users who have registered with game portal site WarpPortal and have a copy of the first Ragnarok Online will receive a secret Ragnarok Devoted prize. Players who register before April 2 will get free in-game prizes for Ragnarok Online 2.

Gravity Interactive has yet to announce the launch date for the full version. For more information, check out GameSpot's coverage below.

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this game failed in Southeast Asia and now they trying to the North America..

Avatar image for Chibi-Loki

Will there be an eventual EU Beta?

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Ro1 was repetitive as ****, sure the classes were different but very few builds workerd well and many jobs were useless for PVE and PVP.

Assassins were OP but needed a lot of preparation, champions by far the strongest could ONE SHOT anyone in the game, Lord knight could PARRY Asura or guillotine fist from champions and was a big LOOOL. Wyzz will only Spam Ice Storm and the Jupiter thunder.

Woes were the same crap over and over again. And the story....a piece of trash because there wasnt any. Bosses Camping was the Worst if u were new in a server unless u got friends there was no way for u to compete with anyone with more than a 6 months in the server.

Avatar image for KainsY

Turning a classic anime inspired Ragnarok into a yet another wannabe 3d MMO doesn't really sound too attractive. If I were to play a 3d MMO there are tons of those out there which have better graphics and possibly less buggy.

Like someone already stated, there are loads of bugs in the original Ragnarok which haven't been fixed. To top it off, you can expect all korean made MMO to be bot-infested. It will be free to play of course but another pay to win one; have fun opening packs, more packs and even more packs if you can afford doing so.

I still play Ragnarok, mainly for the nostalgia feel. But having played a few Gravity's MMO, I know what to expect from them already and thus, staying away from this.

Avatar image for tsunami2311

mostly like f2p with shit ton of p2w items just like gravity has been doing since they relized people will buy anything even if the game is broke and never to be fixed, just like RO just so they have upperhand

Avatar image for blackace

Will this be a FREE MMORPG or will there be a monthly fee?

Avatar image for ioshilee

@blackace 100% it will be p2w

Avatar image for stev69

@ioshilee The people that usually whinge on about that, are the same people who can't wait to throw their credit card at the screen.

Avatar image for DeathwachMarine

@blackace its f2p. they say it in the video

Avatar image for dre256x

@blackace most likely f2p..

Avatar image for BlackHalls

Link to Sign Up:

Hope they dont screw this one. From time to time I look for a good Ragnarok Private server. The Art, Gameplay, MvPs, never gets old.

Avatar image for tsunami2311

@BlackHalls you ever notice most the p servers tend to have less lag then the official ones?

RO saving graces was its Sprites/3D saddly gravity ran that game in to the ground and RO2 got rid of the sprites all together. I personal still prefer sprites over 3d especial HD sprites like Guilty Gear series was know for.

Avatar image for ChiYeon

@tsunami2311 @BlackHalls

I aggree with the guilty gear part

Avatar image for BlackHalls

@tsunami2311 @BlackHalls

Yeah, the Overworld+Sprites, that is what RO was know for.

After they introduced those stupid 3rd class, everything went downhill.

I say that RO 2 will suck, but who knows? I really, really hope I'm wrong...

Avatar image for cephas90

This game makes me sad. I'm sad.

Avatar image for Zloth2

Great guns... I've heard of farming but these "monsters" can barely hurt you and aren't ganging up on you even when you run up toward them! You might as well be pulling carrots out of the ground! And what's that "run" animation she's using??

Avatar image for jinseinoseikou

These days concept art and illustrations seem more vivid and attractive than the MMO's their trying to promote. Go to any MMO site and you'll see more art work than gameplay footage (such as the art work first shown in this article).

Usually I'm not this negative about an MMO, but they scrapped this once and started from scratch, only to create a game that really doesn't play different than countless other MMO's. The first Ragnarok will retain it's popularity for years to come for the reasons that make it fun, but I'm not too sure about this one.

Avatar image for CRAPCOM1926

@jinseinoseikou i have 3 level 50 chars in the philipines servers ( Which are in english so these english server doesnt matter to mee, i wont move and star from 0 again) Is a Wow Ripoff with some minors ro elements.

Is Addcitive but if u played WOW u alredy played these game. Stills is fun and FREE!!. 3 GB.

Avatar image for telaros

@jinseinoseikou MMO's are a dieing breed. More and more free and worthwhile alternatives are driving away paid players. And with WoW further and further deluding its mechanics, further and further watering down classes with a forced linear path to gearing your classes, WoW just isn't worth it. Hasn't been for awhile but now a days, it really shows.

Lack of innovation and willing to treat gamers like people and not dumb sheep that can't even think for themselves is the way a lot of games are going these days. I hate it. But the blame usually lies in companies that want to beat out alternatives like going outside and free games, as well as mobile games.

MMO's are too many and too few willing to invest too much time on things they've experienced better, or good enough, else where. We are slowly but surely pulling away from MMO's, or at the very least pay to play models.

Also, RO 2? People still prefer playing RO 1 so that should be enough of an indicator as to how promising this one is already looking when few wish to transition to this 'upgraded' sequel.

Avatar image for krizalidzero

Should have gone more RO and less WoW

Avatar image for CRAPCOM1926

@krizalidzero Not quite, the reason is Accesibility bleh sorry mine grammar is not good. They went for the Easy Approach. Thats how it is. If u want ro 1, play ro 1, What they should do is MAKE THE RO 1 FREE TO PLAY!!.

Avatar image for kentoriyama

You can solo cap a character in 2 weeks playing casually. Not much endgame content to boot. After playing on the SEA server I found that this isn't worth playing unless you're a diehard RO fan.

Avatar image for kisado87

I watched the beginning of that video clip, skipped towards the middle:

"That's a uh... fireball..."

Pretty much sums this game up in a nutshell.

Avatar image for Cherubas

Interesting. Somehow it didn't seem like a good idea to put a link to the sign up site in this article I guess..........

Avatar image for tsunami2311

The original was Sprite/3d back ground, going full on 3d the game lost its appeal to RO2 was know about 5+ years ago and i wasnt intrested then and i still not.

RO was a great game untill they pretty much destroyed the games balance (have 20khp no problem almost ever class has skill that can one shot you and those one shots can be 20k-300k pvp and woe is completely broke from balance stand point In fact i never seen any mmo in 10+ years have pvp system so broke) and along with the tons of bugs that been around for years that where never fixed I played it for 10+ years and watch then run it into the ground.

use to love RO or for years my love of the game and those sprites are what kept me playing till i got tired of gravity running the game into the ground

Avatar image for mav_destroyer

@david1230 Yes, they tend to do that A LOT. It's really annoying and inconvenient.

Avatar image for mav_destroyer

It took them what? 5 years? to finally make an official english version of this game?

Speaking of the prize for dedicated players, I wonder if playing on private servers counts? I mean that's also a form of dedication, right?

Avatar image for LazyGamerX

I liked playing the first but I think this is pasted its time. Theres just nothing new as far as I can see that will bring people in.

Avatar image for ArataWata

I'm surprised this game still exists.

Avatar image for maitkarro

@david1230 You mean this http://www.gamespot.com/ragnarok-online-2/techinfo/ where you have two links for the site developers or publishers site and games own site, it should be elementary for every gamespot'er.

Avatar image for maitkarro

@david1230 Though the second link has expired, here is the
EU http://ragnarokonline2.eu
ASIA (totally in english) http://ro2.playpark.net

Avatar image for silvergol

Ragnarok 2,FFXIV,DDtank

DDtank beat them all!.

Avatar image for CRAPCOM1926

@silvergol TERA!!

Avatar image for Ranma_X_basic

I admit i never actually played this game. i remember i had received a free playable demo disk in the mail and never actually bothered installing it lol.

Avatar image for feared4power

@Ranma_X_basic that's a little different that this

Avatar image for Stebsis

The combat looks so boring.

Avatar image for Solace427

Ehhh Ragnarok was good but I noticed if you had the $$$ you were miles ahead of others. I would rather look at gameplay and info from others playing and see if its worth my time that way

Avatar image for 2bitSmOkEy

I might try this out. There isn't much else to play atm xD.

Avatar image for CRAPCOM1926

@2bitSmOkEy FREE 2 PLAY!!!.

Avatar image for Shrimpen91

will it ever be available in europe?

Avatar image for ahrounwarrior

@Shrimpen91 Don't worry, it will be open to everyone.

Avatar image for Shrimpen91

@ahrounwarrior @Shrimpen91 i meant more like will there be european servers or must we all non-americans play on american servers with high ms?

if you're answer remains the same, then i will be happy :D

Avatar image for bobdimstar

quit it 3 months lateer,repetitive and p2w

Avatar image for ahrounwarrior

@bobdimstar I agree, Ragnarok was created to be p2w, and this one won't be different.